Rotary Meeting, October 18, 2022
Our crackerjack Rotarians of JIM HENDERSON (Messing Adam & Jasmine, MAGGIE HOPKINS (Capital Premier Lending & Premier Realty, and CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America) welcomed our colleagues to a full room. The Pulse Reporting duties were carried out by PAUL ‘SCOOP’ KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute) and JOHN ‘ANCIL ADAMS’ SWENTOWSKY (John Swentowsky Photography) handled the photography. Those seeking libations and conversation were greeted by RUTH TESAR (Northern California PET Imaging Center) and her wide selection of wines.
SCOOP” in action!
  • JEANETTE HALEY (Northern CA PET Imaging Center), guest of RUTH TESAR
  • SUSAN LAMB COOK (Cook Brown), guest of DENNIS COOK
  • PETER COYL (Sacramento Public Library)
ROBYN DELONG (Caldwell Banker) provided a moving presentation about Busters, which are individuals that entertain. ROBYN expressed how much she learned from her late Son, MICHAEL, who as an accomplished Tenor reminded ROBYN to look for quality music in unsuspecting places. ROBYN suggests that you stop and listen because you may not know that the person making the beautiful music very well might be the world-renowned JOSHUA BELL playing a $3.5 million violin on a street corner.
PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Sacramento FairyTale Town, Guardians, and Phillies fan) took the reigns as President for the day as PRESIDENT LINDA (Gilbert & Associates) supported her recovering husband. The Head table included our meeting sponsor CHRIS ANNE BACHTEL, who donated her time to the Salvation Army. Rounding out the Head Table were DICK OSEN (Retired Attorney) and JIULIANO KORNBERG (Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera).
CAPTAIN LARRY CARMICHAEL (Salvation Army) presented the good work that the Salvation Army provides to the Sacramento community. What was a pre-pandemic service of 1 person for every 48 Sacramentans has grown to 1 person for every 11 Sacramentans. Yet the organization keeps the course by serving the less fortunate.
MARY DELEO (Weintraub Tobin ), DEE JOHNSON (State of CA: Office of Administrative Hearings ), and DIANE WOODRUFF worked together to ensure the Service Above Self Recognition successfully highlighted public safety officers. In front of 600 peace officers and supporters, the Rotary Club of Sacramento awarded $1,000 each to ANTHONY HERRERA (Sacramento Sheriff Department) and KRISTEN HUTCHING (Sacramento Police Department). The Rotary Club of Sacramento and PRESIDENT LINDA were top billing for this recognition to these valued officers.
ELFRENA FORD (Arata Trust) once again did an amazing job presenting three Rotarians; JARRETT OSBORNE-REVIS, JEFF SETZER, and ART BREUER. JARRETT is considered a Super Lawyer and with young children a Super Man. His fun fact from Tennessee was successfully dodging a tornado in his father’s office building. JEFF SETZER (Setzer Forest Products) successfully passed down his successful company to the SETZER fourth generation including our very own CALLEE SETZER (Setzer Forest products). JEFF also successfully passed on the fourth generation of Rotarians. We are fortunate for his success. Finally, ART BREUER celebrated his 91st birthday with us (and his 29 years in Rotary). ELFRENA’s terrific presentation highlighted his days at Berkeley, climbing trees, skiing at Sugar Bowl, and an expert with his hands.
Birthday 7/13
In Rotary for 2 months
JARRETT has a lifelong history with Rotary as his father was a member of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee Rotary Club.  As a kid, JARRETT would attend the Saturday school programs that his father ran for underprivileged youth. They were based in his father’s microbiology office and lab. His dad would give the kids opportunities to do hands-on experiments and be exposed to a professional environment.
This experience also supported JARRETT as he went on to earn his BA in Business Management and MBA at Monmouth College, both magna cum laude. The call of the west drew Jarrett to Santa Clara University where he earned his J.D. and the allure of Sacramento drew him to start practicing law here. He’s with Buchalter in their Firm’s Litigation Practice Group. Jarrett has been named to the Northern California Super Lawyers and Rising Stars list for the last four years.
JARRETT is married to his wife Jen, the Director in Yolo County of CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. They have 3 kids, 2 5yr old twins and a 2 year old. They live in Davis and pride themselves in giving back to their community.
Fun Fact:  When JARRETT was 10 years old, he and his mother were stuck inside his father’s office building when a Tornado came barreling through and nearly, but didn’t, destroy the building.


Birthday 10/23
34 years in Rotary
JEFF started working at Setzer Forest Products during summers when he was 13.  Now at age 67, after rising to be co-President with SCOTT SETZER, he is transitioning to an advisory role.  CALLE SETZER is now COO and she’s 4th generation Rotarian and 4th generation family member. When I exclaimed about that amazing family legacy, JEFF says “I can’t explain it but we did pull it off.”
JEFF has another home now that he enjoys in Bozeman, Montana where his 2 sons also live.  The 3 of them are looking for business opportunities there.
While most people probably think of JEFF as a conservative businessman, the teenage JEFF was quite creative.  When JEFF was 13, he created a light show that he could book with music concerts.  His goal was to get in free to see concerts and get paid too.  He painted the picture of his teenage self with shoulder-length hair with red, white and blue bell-bottom pants, and hitchhiking to concerts since he wasn’t old enough to drive.  That got his mom concerned enough that she sent Jeff off to Hawaii for a year in high school to straighten up.  JEFF says “maybe not.”  But Setzers had a ranch in Roseville so JEFF worked as a cowboy there for 4 years.   Finally, settling down, JEFF started at Sierra College but after a year, there was a strike at the plant for 23 months.  The company needed all hands on deck.  JEFF quit college and has worked there every since.
Fun Fact:  When JEFF was 15 and was working his light show at a concert at Kings Beach Bowl in Tahoe, afterwards he ended up drinking Southern Comfort with none other than THE JANIS JOPLIN.
Rotarian for 29 years.
Today is ART’s 91st birthday and he is here with family members to celebrate.
ART moved from Emeryville to Sacramento when he was 10 years old.  Skiing was a favorite hobby and ART was so good that he was on the ski patrol at Sugar Bowl.  After high school, he joined the Coast Guard.  Coming home, he went to Cal Berkeley because the love of his life girlfriend, KIEFIE, was going to school there.  After ART was there a year, KIEFIE graduated and they got married because they were allowed to marry AFTER KIEFIE graduated college which was on a Friday.
On Saturday they moved to Sacramento and on Sunday they got married.  ART finished college at Sac State and graduated as one of 4 engineering students, the first-ever engineering students from Sac State.
While at Cal Berkeley, ART was on their ski team.  This article shows ART skiing and says “Cal Berkley ski team captured the Vanderbilt trophy because of Breuer.”  ART was such an outstanding skier that he got a Ski Meister trophy because he not only won downhill and slalom but also cross-country racing and ski jumping.  He still has and wears a belt buckle commemorating his ski wins.
Anyone who knows ART knows that if there is a roof to get up to, a wall to paint, a ladder to get on, or a tree to climb, Art will be ready to do it. Here’s ART up in a tree. Notice the ladder leaning at the bottom of the tree and ART, who laid boards down to get up higher, is way up high.
Before Art retired, he owned his own business and worked as an Excavation Contractor.  He was in such demand that he did work all over Sacramento and Northern California. Here’s a story that showcases why ART was so good at the Excavation business.
ART has been very active on the American River Parkway Cleanup committee.  So last year when KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN and ART were cleaning up, they needed to get a discarded rubber raft at the river’s edge.  But this was a foray down a 4 story steep, slippery embankment covered with branches to the river’s edge. Here’s a picture to highlight what it looked like and what the raft was entangled in.  But the thickets didn’t stop ART, who was 89.
When they got to the bottom, they were entangled in a thicket with the raft maddeningly just out of reach. They were crawling on all fours military style. ART’s right wrist is bleeding by now. One foot kept slipping into the water. KEVIN is scared, thinking, how in the world am I going to get him out of here?  And that’s when ART turns to KEVIN and says, “I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.”  That’s the spirit and energy of ART BREUER.
ART’s main hobby today is that he loves to fix things and build things.  We are so grateful that he has helped us out at Rotary with so many different projects over the years. Here’s an example.  Our club funded and helped build a Habitat House.  Here’s a picture of ART working there. Notice the big smile on his face!!
Both ART and KIEFIE have been a blessing to our Rotary Club.  ART has taken out and put back our “Rotary Meeting is Here” signs for years just like KIEFIE who has been signing in our guests at meetings for years.  ART ran the sound system until PETER DANNENFELSER’s brother took it over and kept attendance until computers arrived. The office staff called ART “Mr. Fix It” since he did anything to help and fixed anything broken.  They are the Service Above Self Couple!!!
Here’s ART’s fun fact.
Picture this! ART knew how to ride a unicycle.  In fact, in his day, he could even carry a woman on his shoulders while riding his unicycle.  He did this for a Junior League Fundraiser, for a Rotary Talent Night years ago and several years in the Carmichael Independence Day Parade.
As some of you know, ART is recovering from surgery for his broken hip.  Now how he got that broken hip is another story.  He was up at his cabin with 14 family members: children, grandchildren & great-grandchildren and they were going to son NICK’s favorite swimming hole and fishing spot to remember and honor him.
As ART left to go back to the cabin, he, unfortunately, fell on some slippery rocks in the creek.  Fortunately, his grandsons were there to carry him out as you can see here ART told me it was very scary because the trail was quite narrow and dangerous and there was a big drop-off in several spots.  His 2 Grandsons had to take turns carrying him back to safety.  Here today are those grandsons, TIM and RYAN. Please stand and be recognized.  (Clapping) There are also several other members of ART’s family here to celebrate his birthday including great-granddaughter, 6-year-old AVERY.
So, Art, we are all so happy to see you here and on the way to full recovery.   Happy 91st birthday, Art!
  • JOHN WOODS reminded us we have one meeting sponsorship available on December 13. Great job everyone!
  • ELFRENA FORD mentioned that there are couple more slots available for the Dive Bar Tour.
  • JIM LEET introduced the Daughters Day for this year and needs (1) committee members and (2) daughters!
  • JIM PHILLIPS offered Part 1 of the history of Yosemite including Walker (of the Walker River name) in the 1800’s from the North of the valley and two trappers from the South of the valley. More to come!
  • JAMES RELLES – in honor of the 76th Anniversary of Relles Florists
  • ROBERT DALY – ART, Happy Birthday!
  • NANCY SMITH FAGAN – new job
  • BRIAN VAN CAMP ART, Happy Birthday!
  • JR ALWARD – Toy Drive
The Revival of Classical Music in Sacramento
DICK OSEN (Retired Attorney), proud board member for the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera, introduced GIULIANO KORNBERG, Executive Director of the organization. During his opening remarks, DICK expressed the dire condition of the organization in 2015 and the growth and excitement that GIULIANO brought to the organization. He engaged in the community and made it a point to know and advance the mission for symphonic and operatic offerings.
GIULIANO has been busy. His team successfully released the series of seven concerts as well as special guest ANDREA BOCCELLI in May. They also successfully negotiated with the musicians union with a contract through 2025. GIULIANO offered ways for the Rotarians to support the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera. An area that he is particularly excited about is sponsoring artists and performers including allowing them to stay at your house for a couple of weeks. This would be a great way to be a participant and not just a spectator! Perhaps this season all of our Sacramento Rotarians will see a performance this season.
What do you call a beautiful woman on a trombonist’s arm?
  • A tattoo
What did the drummer get on his IQ test?
  • Saliva
What do you call a guitar player without a girlfriend?
  • Homeless
What is the definition of perfect pitch?
  • When you toss a banjo in the garbage and it hits an accordion
What do you call a music degree graduate?
  • Night manager at McDonald’s
What’s going on at the new Museum of Science and Curiosity? Find out from Shahnaz Van Deventer, MOSAC’s Marketing & Development Director, who will be our guest speaker on Tuesday, October 25, at the Annunciation Church. Be sure to keep an eye out for the email with the reservation link.
10/25/22 – Speaker SHAHNAZ VAN DEVENTER / MOSAC (Museum of Science and Curiosity)
11/1/22 – Speaker MIKE TESTA/ Visit Sacramento
11/8/22 – Dark