Current Club Foundation Trustee Virginia Wade and Foundation Past President Becki Roberts

Mission & Vision

To provide leadership, perpetual funding and the resources necessary to support the diverse humanitarian efforts of the Rotary Club of Sacramento in local and world communities.

To provide the Rotary Club of Sacramento with the means to realize extraordinary accomplishments through the Foundation’s stewardship of a self-sustaining fund, with a focus on supporting youth.

About the Foundation

Since its founding in 1971, the Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation has proudly served the Sacramento community and has donated more than $4 Million to local and international projects. The Foundation is a California nonprofit organized by members and is qualified as a 501 (c)(3) charity.

Internationally, the Rotary Club of Sacramento Foundation supports efforts to provide clean drinking water to villages and communities in Africa and Asia, with the Rotary International Foundation providing matching funds. We continue to support international initiatives to combat illiteracy and diseases and to surgically repair cleft palates.

New in 2017, the Foundation began supporting our Rotary District 5180’s collaboration with state and local agencies and nonprofits to address the needs of victims of human trafficking – an appalling criminal industry that enslaves millions, the majority of which are women and children.

The Foundation has four principal functions:

  1. Receive community-service funds generated by our Club and to distribute funds for charitable purposes;
  2. Receive gifts, bequests and other funds intended to become a part of the endowment fund;
  3. Implement prudent investment and distribution policies which generate income to assist in funding the current charitable activities of our Club and to seek to maintain the purchasing power of our endowment fund;
  4. Inform new members, incoming Club Board Directors, and Club members at-large regarding the Foundation, its mission and its operation.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are appointed from the Club by the Board of Directors upon recommendation from the Club President-Elect. The President and President-Elect are ex-officio members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. Our Club Manager serves as the Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of the Foundation.