The Pulse – Commissioner Sean Duryee


Meeting Tuesday, July 18th

By Jim Culleton

Thought For The Day

Today, as we begin a new Rotary year under the leadership of President TODD, and with our guest speaker Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol, representing all first responders who put their lives on the line for us, let us recall our shared mission of Service Above Self.

We know there are many in our community who do not share this ideal but rather see life as a competition, them against the world.

Let us redouble our commitment to invite guests to lunch, to introduce them to the world of Rotary, thereby elevating our community and our culture.

And as we enjoy our lunch, let us pause a moment to show appreciation for our good fortune to have this food so easily before us and for all the hands that made it so.

With this appreciation, we bless this food for the good of our bodies so that we may carry on as strong Rotarians, servants of mankind.

Welcome Guests

Sergeant At Arms PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director/Pacific Charter Institute) welcomed our guests. KYRIE ROBERTSON who was a guest of TOM BACON (Senior Vice President/ Bacon Commercial Real Estate).  MEGAN MASTON with Acuity Technical Solutions LLC is a prospective member and guest of SARAH HODGE (Regional Affairs Representative/ACWA).


Meeting Sponsor

DANIELLE MCGARRITY, Development Director at the Children’s Receiving Home Sacramento, was our meeting sponsor. CRH was founded as an emergency shelter in 1944 by Rotary and Junior League. Back then, they were purely the region’s emergency shelter for any child who needed to be removed from their parents’ custody for their safety. Today, they offer several lines of service at the 6-acre campus at the corner of Watt and Auburn Boulevard. Services include:

  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Skills Training
  • Supporting Community Connections Program
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Sprouts Trauma-Informed Care Preschool
  • Tailored Mental Health Care

They have been at their current location since 1965. They began providing mental health treatment in 2006 and specialize in teen-specific treatment. Over 77,000 children have received care here.

In their residential treatment program, kids attend their regular school and participate in extracurricular activities. The kitchen team prepares home-cooked meals and snacks daily, and they receive medical care from the on-site clinic if needed. Sometimes, they strive to make special milestones events, birthdays, first days of school, or graduations, and any holidays feel very special for them.

Altogether, they serve 400 to 800 kids and young adults each year. Children’s Receiving Home plays a vital role in keeping local children in our own community and making it more likely that they will successfully complete treatment and unify with their family members.

If you were looking for an activity this week, they would love to have you join them at their Top Golf tournament. From 5:30 to 8:30 PM on July 27 at Top Golf in Roseville, there will be a dinner, raffle, and player contests. All proceeds will benefit CRH kids.


 New Member Alert!!

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Sacramento, BHAVNESH MAKIN (President & CEO/Sacramento Credit Union)! Be sure to introduce yourself to our newest member when you see him at the club meetings. Bhavnesh’s membership was sponsored by Past Presidents JOHN FRISCH (Senior Managing Director/Newmark) and BRIAN VAN CAMP (Owner/Van Camp ADR).


Club Announcements

  • STEVE HUFFMAN (Retired/Huffman Strategy) will be chairing the Care Gram committee.
  • DANIELLE MCGARRITY (Development Director/Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento) and MEGAN LAURIE (Director of Development & Marketing/UCP of Sacramento & Northern CA) encouraged everyone to be meeting sponsors with a fun skit.
  • KATHE NATHAN (Retired/Merchants Bank of Commerce) gave a report on the Sac Century and thanked sponsors. We already have 300 riders signed up; we are ahead of last year! Challenge Champions have already raised $5400.




Todd’s Levels of Giving: “Let’s Go Skiing!”

MEGAN LAURIE was recognized in Comstock Magazine. Past President JON SNYDER (Broker/Snyder Commercial Real Estate) acknowledged his son, James who is performing to sellout crowds at the Music Circus.  Past President JIM LEET (Attorney/Boutin Jones Inc.) celebrated a 4th grandchild born in the heat of Phoenix, Arizona.  ED WRIGHT (Managing Shareholder/Martensen Wright PC) shared the exciting news that his son is engaged. President – Elect BOBBY REED (CEO/Capitol Tech Solutions) thanked Todd and recognized his 2nd son’s baseball accomplishments.


Guest Speaker

DICK NOONAN (Mus. Outreach/Recruiting/California State Railroad Museum) introduced SEAN DURYEE, Commissioner California Highway Patrol. He has spent 25 years as a CHP, after four years in the army. He completed the CHP Academy in West Sacramento. He has also been an instructor at this Academy for officer safety training. He has worked with the Legislature in bus and truck inspections. He has taught self-defense, worked with scouts, and is a high school basketball coach! DICK NOONAN’s badge number has four digits. Sean’s is in the 15,000s.

Sean acknowledged STEVE SHIFLETT (Retired/CA State Parks), who started the Zenith newsletter and also commemorates fallen officers with extensive bios. Sean also recognized two colleagues in the audience: Lieutenant Melissa and Executive Secretary, Lexie. A true public servant, Sean spoke about the CHP mission. It was established in 1929 by the Legislature to standardize driving and traffic rules.

They handle:

  • 6 million 911 calls
  • 9 field divisions
  • 4 headquarter divisions
  • 103 area offices
  • 25 communication centers
  • 17 inspection facilities

In total, they cover:

  • 106,806 total miles of jurisdiction
  • 15,006 miles of state highways
  • 91,800 County roads

California is a big place! They oversee 423,970 km² or 163,696 mi.². The population is 39.9 million and has 35,707,821 registered vehicles. They do over 500,000 big truck inspections in California, which is one of the safest commercial driving states. CHP handles medivacs as well.

In San Francisco, hot topics include an overdose epidemic, open-air drug dealing, property and violent crimes, and vehicle sideshow activities. He also addressed smash and grab crimes where the CHP is collaborating with retailers and loss prevention specialists. He also touched on highway violence, road rage, gang activity, and freeway shootings. Question and answer topics were fentanyl, autonomous driving vehicles, speeding, amber alerts, and silver alerts. They have 12,000 CHP employees, including 11,750 sworn officers.


Thank For Your Help!

Rotarians who helped include, Greeters SHANE HESKETT (Sales Manager/Caltronics Business Systems), STARTI VOURAKIS (President & Owner/ Calm Computing, Inc.) and CLAYTON LEE (C.K.L. Trust); JIM CULLETON (President/Strong and Associate) who served as Pulse Reporter; STEVE SHIFLETT who hosted the Wine Reception; Photography came courtesy of VIRGINIA WADE (Retired – SAFE Credit Union).

Next Week’s Speaker

Rear Admiral Thomas A. Cropper President Emeritus

Cal Maritime: Full Speed Ahead

The mission of the CSU Maritime Academy and how it delivers education, training and development of the next generation of California’s mariners.

Photos Courtesy of VIRGINIA WADE.