The Launching of the Good Ship Koolakian

Recap of the July 11th Meeting

Reported by John Wood

The Launching of the Good Ship Koolakian

It was a packed house at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Hall of Fun, as the Rotary congregation bore witness to the installation of our 110th President, TODD KOOLAKIAN (Director of Philanthropy/Sacramento Children’s Home), with the help of our visiting (Passport Club) Rotarian, FREDDIE SIVIERA (Passport Club 1), who transformed the meeting as emcee (I don’t know what’s in the water at the Passport Club meetings, but we should definitely get some, because Freddie brought enough energy to the day’s festivities to light the whole building – for a week).

Besides Freddie’s infectious energy, we had our own power supply, courtesy of the Rotary Rockers, with KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director/Fairytail Town) at the helm on rhythm guitar, SHIRLEE TULLY (Chief Brand and Development Officer/Capital Public Radio) with her exquisite harmony vocals, JEFF (like a rolling) STONE (Vice President/HUB International) putting down the bottom end on bass, TOM (I’ll have that with a side of) BACON (Senior Vice President/Bacon Commercial Real Estate) shredding on lead guitar, and Shoeless JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer/Mercy Foundation) going all Don Henley on drums and vocals (Johnny Mac likes to drum in his socks, you see).  The Rockers’ money song was of their own creation (sort of, to stay straight with the copyright attorneys in the room), a tribute tune called “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Like Koolakian”.  Well done, Rockers!

Besides his Rotary pals, Todd had an army of guests in attendance, most notably his partner, MARK HELLER (more on Mark later), and his mother, CINDY KOOLAKIAN, who traveled all the way from upstate New York to watch Todd officially take the helm of our Club.  Welcome, mom!

After ROBYN DELONG (Realtor/Coldwell Banker) provided us with the thought of the day about two beers and a puppy, we heard from this year’s Sergeant-at-Arms, PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director/Pacific Charter Institute), who will be keeping our rambunctious lot in line during Todd’s term.  Other notable newbies this term are ROY ALEXANDER (Retired/ Sacramento Children’s Home) as Foundation President, JEFF STONE, switching from his Rocker left brain to his financial right brain as our board Treasurer, and of course, BOBBY REED (CEO/Capital Tech Solutions) as President-Elect.

After some fellowship, we were graced by the second most important Rotarian in attendance that day, the amazing BOB COLE (Goodwin Cole Company), who was celebrating his 101st birthday with us, and looking as sharp and vibrant as ever.  His bouncing baby boy, DAN COLE (Cole Partners Development Company), shared with us a quick Bob story to give an idea of his longevity:  When Bob was a young boy of 5 or 6, he went to a parade and watched some war veterans march by – Civil War veterans!

Happy Birthday, Bob!


Todd duly recognized, the Installation Committee (BOBBY REED, JUSTINO SANTANA (Non-Profit Business Development Manager/eFundraising Connections), GABRIEL HERRERA (Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard/ Shareholder) and FREDDIE SILVIERA) took control of the meeting, and gave us deeper insight into our new leader, courtesy of a video of his friends and family sharing their thoughts about Todd, and then Mark giving us the good stuff on his partner, and his hand-talking, fastidious, clothes horse ways.  Take it from Todd’s friends and family – the club is in great hands.

Up next was Past President LINDA GEERY (CFO California Lawyers Association), who made this all official by pinning Todd with the President’s Pin, and then returning to the peanut gallery with a bit of a bounce in her step (known officially as the “thank Zeus I’m finally a Past President!” bounce).

After accepting his first Rotary donations from the gathered throng, Todd took a few moments to share his vision for his term, which will include an emphasis on Service and Fellowship, with a return of our social events, such as Firesides, Networking Nights, Theater Nights, Ski Trip and more.  Clear your calendars, Rotarians, the partying Koolakian era is upon us.

Best wishes on your term, President Todd – can’t wait to see what you have in store!

Welcome Rotary Club of Sacramento Leadership 2023-2024
Foundation Trustees
ROY ALEXANDER (Retired, Sacramento Children’s Home), President
GARY BAZLEN (Ampac USA Inc.), Vice President
APRIL JAVIST (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), Treasurer
VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union), Secretary
LARRY GILZEAN (Spare Time Sports Club)
STEVE JOHANSON (Johanson and Associates)
LEV KAGANOVICH (LEED & Commissioning Consulting)
MATT PAGE (Lucas Group Financial Partners, Inc.)
SURENDER SINGAL (Retired, US Army Corps of Engineers)
ED WRIGHT (Martensen Wright PC)
Board of Directors
TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), President
BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions), President-Elect
JEFF STONE (HUB International), Treasurer
JIM CULLETON (Strong Associates)
DAN FENOCCHIO (Cunningham Engineering)
JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate)
GABRIEL GENDRON (Coldwell Banker Realty)
MAGGIE HOPKINS (Capital Premier Lending and Premier Realty)
JUSTINO SANTANA (EFundraising Connections)
NANCY SMITH-FAGAN (YMCA of Superior California)
RUTH TESAR (Retired, Northern California Imaging Center)
TED WHITE (Residential Property Management)
Let’s Go Skiing!
President Todd announced his levels of giving this year would be ski themed as Skiing is something he really enjoys.  Quite a few people took the opportunity to celebrate the occasion by making contributions.
A big THANK YOU for your generosity!
Barbara Arnold
David Baker
Dan Cole
Linda Geery
Gabriel Gendron
Mark Heller
Samantha Hoshida
Kelly Moran
Bob Rosenberg
Justino Santana
Thank you for your help!
Commissioner, Sean Duryee California Highway Patrol
Newly appointed Sean Duryee, Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol will be our featured speaker on Tuesday, July 18th. Commissioner Duryee will provide insights and mission of the largest statewide law enforcement agency in the United States with over 6,700 uniformed officers and a 3.2 billion dollar budget.
Photographs by Tia Gemmell and Virginia Wade. Thank you!