Rotary Meeting, August 23, 2022
Rotarians were welcomed by the sweet melody of the Eagles singing Hotel California. DEE HARTZOG, our wine sponsor did double duty providing make-up glasses of wine from last week along with her sparkling smile.
Our greeters, JOHN FRISCH (Newmark), JAMIE FURLONG (legacy Investment Real Estate) and
JIM CULLETON (Strong & Associate) may have been having too much fun if that is possible.
PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY called the meeting and our happy Rotarians to order. Many Rotarians reluctantly wanted to continue their Rotary fellowship and their make-up wine.
SCOTT FORD (Economic Development Director/The Downtown Sacramento Partnership) provided our timely thought for the day on the importance of “Downtown” for any city…..SCOTT found inspiration with a quote from JEFF SPECK….
The answer is simple.
The downtown is the only part of the city that belongs to everybody.
It doesn’t matter where you may find your home; the downtown is yours, too.
Investing in the downtown of a city is the only place-based way to benefit all citizens at once.
Every relocation decision, be it a college graduate’s or a corporation’s,
is made with an image of PLACE in mind.
That image is resolutelyphysical:
a picture of buildings, streets, squares, cafes, the social life that those places ENGENDER.
Each city’s reputation therefore
Rests in large part on its downtown’s physical attributes.
If the Downtown doesn’t look good, the city doesn’t look good.
People won’t want to move there, and
It will be much harder for citizens to feel good about the PLACE where they have chosen to live.
In contrast, can be the RISING TIDE
That is the PLACE to begin.
We all shared a somber moment of silence in honor of JOHN WHEATON (Mariposa Petroleum Company) who passed away. Please remember JOHN and his family in your prayers.
Our meeting sponsor, MARLENE FITZWATER, donated her time to JOSHUA’S HOUSE VOLUNTEER HOSPICE which provides a full range of hospice services for the homeless (thank you MARLENE.) JOSHUA’S HOUSE is the first to provide these services on the west coast and only the 9th such organization in the county.
MARLENE has a very personal connection to JOSHUA’S HOUSE….
MARLENE is the driving force behind the formation of JOSHUA’S HOUSE which is named after MARLENE’s grandson who died while homeless. MARLENE reminded us that there is an ever-increasing need for JOSHUA’S HOUSE’S service for our homeless neighbors.
Be sure to visit MARLENE’s PowerPoint on JOSHUA’S HOUSE. For a link to JOSHUA’S HOUSE website, click here. To donate and help JOSHUA’S mission, please click here.
Click here to view the JOSHUA’S HOUSE PowerPoint Presentation.
ROBIN DELONG (Coldwell Banker) announced our guests who included:
  • TASHINA BRITO (Capital Public Radio) guest of SHIRLEE TULLY (Capital Public Radio)
  • SANDY SMOLEY guest of JEANNE REAVES (Jeanne Reaves Consulting)
  • VIJAY KALBHOR (NIGDI-PUNE Club District 3131 India)
  • HEATHER MARSHALL (Pacific Charter Institute) guest of PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charter Institute)
  • LOUIS WHITE (Louis White Law) guest of TED WHITE (Sacramento Delta Property Management)
Our own ELFRENA FOORD (Arata Brothers Trust) shined the spotlight on two very special Rotarians – ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home) and BRIAN VAN CAMP (Van Camp ADR.)
9/29 Birthday
19 years in Rotary
In his career, ROY worked with severely emotionally disturbed teens for 40 years.
His first career was focused on removing California Children from the State Hospital system and creating and providing community-based treatment in unlocked settings throughout California. One program he started was featured in the Journal of Community and Hospital Psychiatry and the U.S. News and World Report magazine.  His last job before retiring was at the Sacramento Children’s Home for 15 years which he enjoyed as it kept kids out of the Foster Care System. His previous work in Foster Care showed him that Foster Care wasn’t a good answer for children without parents.
In retirement, ROY moved out to Del Web’s Sun City Lincoln Hills.  He loves it there as there is always some activities or events happening. While its reputation is that it’s for older folks, the older folks there really kick it up because there is always something fun happening.  He enjoys golfing there and gave up his motorcycle last year and exchanged it for a golf cart.
Fun Facts. A proud achievement for ROY was being the best man in weddings six times. And now he has performed 6 wedding ceremonies!!
8/23 Birthday
43 years in Rotary
After graduating from Cal and its law school, Boalt Hall, BRIAN served in GOV. REAGAN’s administration as a State Deputy Attorney General, then as the State Commissioner of Corporations. After practicing law for 20 years, he served on the Superior Court bench for 16 years and now has an active statewide commercial arbitration practice.
BRIAN served as President of our club 29 years ago. A long-lasting contribution was his Co-founding, with Paul Stone and Red Clark, of the “Rotary Rooters,” forerunner to our “Rotary Rockers.”  The ‘Rooters played for 35 years (Brian was on tenor sax); and their gigs earned over $500,000, all of which went into our Club’s charities.
BRIAN has served on many boards, including the California Judges Association and the California Chamber of Commerce
BRIAN has 6 fun facts, demonstrating his “Live large mindset ”
  • He raced his Jaguar across Baja in the La Carrera Classico, said to be “the fastest hour of your life!”
  • He’s skied mountains in 8 states, 7 countries, 3 continents and summitted both Mt. Shasta and Mt. Whitney
  • He has completed two “Metric Centuries” in our Sac-Century event
  • He’s made five Bungy jumps, including one from the 110-story Auckland, New Zealand Tower
  • He sky-dived in Oregon from 13,000 ft on his last birthday, and
  • He and his wife will go into space in 2024 in World View’s “Strato-Balloon.”
  • JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate) invited all Rotarians to ride, run or walk in person or virtually at our Sacramento Century on October 1st.
She asked for volunteers for our biggest fundraiser event. Volunteers are needed with all interests and physical abilities. Come help with some fun teammates.
  • The Great America River Cleaning event is on September 17th – please mark your calendar.
  • The long-awaited SHERIDAN FURLONG Sacramento Century Cutting Edge Training Video was just released. Be sure to attend future meetings for an opportunity to see SUSAN SHERIDAN (Sheridan Law Corporation,) JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate), and DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark) personally demonstrate this very challenging training system.
  • Dictionary Drive 3rd graders need a color picture dictionary. We are providing new dictionaries for the upcoming scholl year. This will continue in September and October until done. Volunteers are needed – contact SULAF AL AJEELI (Rotary Club Sacramento.)
BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions) noted that the Rotary was instrumental in getting the new old Sacramento Waterfront sign bringing in $200,000 with fundraising. 520,000 drivers see the sign every week which will have a big impact on the region. That impact goes beyond just dollars or funds for the region.
BOBBY advised us all to “know your good work in the communities,” in which you serve.
Click here to view the Rotary Impact PowerPoint Presentation – This is very timely and important information.
  • JAMIE FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate) – donated in honor of her 2nd International Service adventure. She visited Costa Rica where she planted trees to rehabilitate the rain forest lost to excessive cutting and logging.
  • STEVE HUFFMAN (Huffman Strategy) for BRIAN VAN CAMP (Van Camp ADR) because STEVE felt “he had done didley squat” in comparison to BRIAN’s contributions. STEVE as usual looked very dapper with an always cool hat.
  • BRIAN VAN CAMP (Van Camp ADR) as a thank you for the very kind words in ELFRENA FORD’s (Arata Brothers Trust) spotlight.
SCOTT FORD (Downtown Sacramento Partnership) – Introduced MICHAEL AULT, Executive Director of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
Downtown was particularly challenged with fewer visitors due to remote working and Covid, political protests which at times turned to vandalism, looting and boarded up windows, and the homeless.
Downtown Sacramento has focused on creating and fostering a clean and safe environment especially now. Their annual budget in 7 million dollars with a staff 56 full-time employees. Created in 1996, the focus on bringing life to downtown and a safe, clean experience.
Despite these challenges, 6 new hotels in 14 months, a new convention center, and a new performing arts center. They looked to success in other cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, and Fort Worth Texas.
Still, on the horizon, 230 acres to be developed in the Rail Yards. Tremendous opportunities to include Kaiser’s Class A Trauma Center, 10,000 residences and another sports arena.
They will also look to improve the development and accost to our waterfront along the American and Sacramento Rivers. MICHAEL hopes for an additional $40 million to be invested along the waterfront.
Hard to believe, but Dr. Brian King is coming up on a decade as Chancellor of Los Rios Community College District. Dr. King, who took the reins of California’s second-largest community college district in February of 2013, will be our featured guest speaker on Tuesday, August 30th. So, plan to join us and find out what’s happening in the sprawling district that includes four colleges and six education centers—and maybe help us talk Dr. King into rejoining Rotary Club of Sacramento! Keep an eye out for the ClubRunner email with the reservation link.
Brian King has served as Chancellor for the four colleges in the Los Rios Community College District since 2013. Los Rios is one of the largest and most diverse districts in California. The District includes American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento City colleges, and currently enrolls approximately 70,000 students each semester.
Founded in 1965, Los Rios has served more than 1.2 million students in its more than half century of existence. Los Rios graduates are key contributors at virtually every business and organization in the capital region. The strength and vitality of the Sacramento area is strongly connected to the success of Los Rios and its four colleges.
King is the immediate-past Chair of the Valley Vision Board of Directors and a member of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council Board of Directors, the Sacramento Metro Chamber Board, the Dignity Health Sacramento Service Area Community Board, the Los Rios Colleges Foundation Board, the Wells Fargo Community Advisory Board, the Sacramento Host Committee, and the Comstock’s Magazine Editorial Board. King is a past president of the Community College League of California’s Chief Executive Office Board and a past chair of the boards of the Community College League of California and the California Community College Athletics Association. He has also received a Fulbright Fellowship to Russia with a group of community college leaders from across the United States.
King received his B.A. in History from the University of Missouri-Columbia, his J.D. from Duke University School of Law, and his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Arkansas.
08/30/2022 -Chancellor Los Rios Community College – BRIAN KING –
Free community college was dropped from the Biden Tax Bill- Don’t miss the opportunity to learn what may be in the works for community colleges!
09/06/2022 – Dark
09/13/2022 –Speaker TBD
09/20/2022 –Speaker KAREN CENDRO – District Governor 22/23

09/27/2022 –Speaker PETE MORELLI/NFL Referee