Rotary Meeting, March 22, 2022
Written By: Maggie  Hopkins
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER was able to relax and relinquish all his Presidential duties to Sarah Hodge (Association of California Water Agencies), acting President as the YOUNG PROFESSIONALS took over the meeting for the day!!!   President Sarah gaveled in the meeting at 12:10 pm, welcoming all to today’s meeting and promising as much fun as we can all stand.
President Sarah thanked this meeting’s greeters Megan Wygant (CLARA Studios), Justino Santana (eFundraising Connections), and Danny Gemma (HUB International).  She also thanked Pulse Reporter, Maggie Brinkoetter Hopkins, (Capital Premier Lending and Premier Realty), Wine Reception sponsor, Jenny Winstead (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), and photographer John Swentowsky (Swentowsky Photography) and Bryan Murry (Bender Insurance Solutions)  for capturing images from today’s meeting.
Todd Koolakian (Sacramento Children’s Home) offered today’s thought, saying This morning as I was considering what I wanted to say as part of today’s Thought for the Day, I wanted to share something that spoke to the importance of Young Professionals in Rotary. What I found on the Rotary International website resonated with me and seemed perfect for today.
New leaders are always emerging. They live in your community. They are eager to contribute. Younger professionals make great Rotary members, but to bring them into our clubs, we first have to understand them. This is essential for Rotary.
To bring emerging young leaders into our Club, we have to examine our Club’s culture, our outreach to younger potential members and the long term benefits of becoming a Rotarian.
Understanding younger generations means understanding how changes in society affect them. Technology has given them the opportunity to customize nearly everything in their lives. But possessions don’t sit at the top of their wish list.
Rather, many share a unifying trait: a desire for experience. When young people invest time and money into something, it’s with organizations that do good in the world. And that is Rotary.
Younger generations are eager. They’re motivated to change their communities and hope to move quickly along their career paths. They want to build a solid network and learn from mentors, from people with clout and experience. And that’s all of you, that’s us, that’s this Club.
Few organizations span generations and professions and build personal connections the way that Rotary does. We blend tradition with innovation and use trust and respect to close the generation gap.
President Sarah led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
Sergeant of Arms, Giuliano Kornberg introduces today’s meeting guests:
  • Visiting Rotarian Desiree Wilson, Rotary District 5180
  • Visiting Rotarian Mary Jo Edmonson, Placer Valley Sunrise District 5180
  • Visiting Rotarian Samantha Hosuida, Point West Rotary
  • Prospective Rotarian Jeffrey Driscoll (New York Life)
  • Prospective Rotarian Jamil White (Louis White Law Firm)
  • Mary McVeigh guest of Dan McVeigh
  • Sarah Costa (Sutter Health), guest of Bob Miller
  • Chelsea Fahr (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), guest of Kerry Wood
  • Ashlin Lutes (Thatch & Hooper, LLP), guest of Sarah Hodge
  • Colby Relles (Relles Florist), guest of Jim Relles
  • Toyin Spencer (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), guest of Jenny Winstead
President Sarah announced those who lead us at the head table today:
  • Meeting Sponsor and Chair for the Day, Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions
  • President Sarah Hodge, Regional Affairs Representative (ACWA)
  • Speaker Scott Ford, District Direct, Old Sacramento Waterfront at Downtown Sacramento Partnership.
  • Member: Jamie Furlong (Legacy Investment Real Estate)
President Sarah introduced Bobby Reed, CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions, a Sacramento digital agency working with retailers, restaurants, non-profits, and small businesses to maximize their business online during these challenging times. The company brings an experienced team of experts that partner with organizations and businesses to drive more sales, cut costs, and optimize processes. The company’s award-winning web design combined with digital marketing expertise and proven processes have helped clients meet and exceed their digital goals. Count on Capitol Tech Solutions for all of your digital marketing, software development needs.
Bobby’s growing team of over 30 people can help you with online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design, web and mobile apps, and much much more!
  • April Javist (Sacramento Literacy Foundation) announced that there are sponsorships still available for Golf 4 Kids, which is on Friday, May 6th.
  • Sponsorships that are available are as follows: After Round Drinks: $750; Title Sponsor: $3,500. Please contact April if you are interested in scooping one of those sponsorships up!
The Group was challenged with matching clues given in a handout with the correct Young Professional.
  1. This Rotarian loves to travel and can’t wait to get back to traveling internationally. He thinks the most beautiful place they’ve been and would like to get back to some day is Banff, Canada…. Todd Koolaklian.
  2. This Rotarian has been to exactly 29 countries…. which is how old he/she is .. Giuliano Kornberg
  3. This Rotarian enjoys camping and recently got caught in a rainstorm while camping in Death Valley. Sarah Hodge
  4. In College , this Rotarian–along with her professor and classmates, was arrested for arson while participating in an Intro to Geology field trip. This person is now married to a geologist and has promised to never go on any fieldwork camping trips.Megan Wygant
  5. This Rotarian is getting married April 9, 2022 in Nevada City! Jenny Winstead
  6. This Rotarian has coached t-ball in East Sac Little League for 6 years in a row. Bobby Reid
  7. This Rotarian was a professional florist in New York City and did floral designs for the clients including Martha Stuart, Vogue, and Architecture Digest. Jamie Furlong
  8. All of this Rotarian’s front teeth are fake from a bike accident when he was Bryan Murray
  • Todd Koolaklian (Sacramento Children’s Home) made a millennial donation celebrating his alma mater, the Providence Friars, for advancing to the Sweet 16 in the NCCA Tournament for the first time in 25 years.
  • President Bob Miller
  • Dennis Smith made a millennial donation towards his next Eddie Mulligan for his daughter Cara and her fiancée Stevan, who are getting married this July.
  • Samantha Hosuida, Point West Rotary, celebrating attending her first in person meeting since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Kathy Toschi (Edward Jones) celebrating her daughter, who has earned a spot on a professional soccer team in Australia.
Bobby Reed provided a warm introduction of speaker Scott Ford of Downtown Sacramento Partnership. Scott, a Midtown resident since 2014, Scott Ford joined the Midtown Association as Placemaking Manager in the fall of 2018. Scott brings a diverse professional background to the position, most recently working in policy, operations and special events with the Old Sacramento Waterfront office of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership. Previously, he worked in restaurant management and co-founded a creative content company in Southern California.
Scott attended John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento before studying at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with concentrations in Business and Construction Management. His love for artistic expression drew him to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, joining the Screen Actors Guild in 2007, however his unwavering passion for progressive urban design philosophies compelled him to return to his hometown of Sacramento and contribute to the positive momentum of the central city.
Creative placemaking strategies and public space activations emerged as areas of particular interest, and Scott is focused on continuing to increase the vibrancy of Midtown through the implementation of innovative projects and programming.
Scott is a strong supporter of the Sacramento sports and cultural scene, and enjoys distance running, biking, and photography during his time off. He is proud to be a part of helping to shape the latest chapter in our city’s evolution.
Speaker Scott Ford opened his presentation saying he has always been enamored by cities. His focus, for the past 3 years, has been on the 6 blocks of the Old Sacramento Waterfront.  Scott’s expertise is seeing public spaces with a critical eye. The organization’s goal: Create Conditions with Positive Reactions.  Development of a better community begins with strategic planning.
If you want to populate and rejuvenate an area, here are some things that have been proven to be effective in other major cities. Scott and his group continuously observe, evaluate and improve.
*Slow down pedestrians and cars.
*Block off streets to allow for more outdoor dining.
*Cater to locals and host Craft Markets to build a sense of community and urban development.
*Create Active Partnerships: For Example, Free Dance Lessons.
* Feature Gateway Enhancements: Lots of lighting gives people a sense of safety and warmth.
*Feature Local Artists: Cultural &  social heart of downtown. Tourists and locals will flock to art for photo ops.
*Stand out with Dynamic Facade lighting.
*Feature large scale family friendly attractions such as the ferris wheel in Old Sacramento.
*Add grass, color, plants, and lighting.
*Outdoor seating, live music, celebrations.
*Offer Mixed use residential and commercial property.
*Set new pilot programs; try new things.
* Be willing to Observe, Evaluate, improve and adjust.
*Think Boldly, Take calculated risks.
*Include nonprofit organizations; many are responsible for funding the transformation of high crime areas.
Scott wrapped up his talk by thanking the Rotarians that helped raise money for the new Old Sacramento Iconic Sign, due to part of the official landscape in Old Sac as early as May 2022.
After thanking Scott Ford for his presentation, President Sarah called on Sergeant-at-Arms Giuliano Kornberg announced that our next meeting would be at the usual spot.
President Sarah concluded the meeting at 1:30pm.