Gaveling the meeting to order, President Todd Koolakian invited Moira Doherty to present a thought for the day. Moira chose the words of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 ACE): “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

President Todd called for a moment of silence for longtime Rotarian Art Breuer, who passed away on Saturday, May 4 at the age of 93. Condolences were expressed for his family and his wife Kiefie. He was remembered as a Rotarian who was one of the first to arrive, and last to leave. Later in the meeting many Rotarians shared remembrances of Art, and during the “Let’s Go Skiing” portion many donations were made in his memory.

President Todd thanked Dave Veden from the Natomas Rotary Club for his help with the audiovisual setup of the meeting. Visiting Rotarian Kim Hugget from the Hayward club participated in a club banner exchange.

Rachel Minyard is the newest member of our club! Sponsored by Tom Bacon and Maggie Hopkins, who introduced her, Rachel is a realtor with “a heart as big as her smile” who “adds that special something to any gathering.”

Mary DeLeo presented a report on behalf of the Community Grants Committee, who received 26 requests for over $100,000 of worthwhile projects. Rejecting some felt like kicking puppies because they were all great projects, Mary lamented. She shared the nine winning projects that received a total of $35,000.

Following that excellent news, Rotarians gave generously during “Let’s Go Skiing” with PE Bobby Reed, PP Brian Van Camp, Jeff Setzer, Nancy Smith-Fagan, and Bob Rosenberg donating in memory of Art Breuer. Nancy Teichert donated in honor of her graduating grandchildren.

Club Announcements

  • Loaves and Fishes service – Virginia Wade requesting more help with Loaves and Fishes on May 30
  • Fireside – Mik Miklaus warned procrastinators the May 30 fireside at Jeff Stone’s home is nearly full
  • Networking Night – Megan Wygant encouraged members to sign up for the upcoming affair at Buca di Bepo on May 22 at 5:30 p.m.

Chair of the Day PP Wes Yee introduced his longtime friend Paul Lau, General Manager and CEO of SMUD. Paul shared an update on SMUD’s 2030 Clean Energy Vision plan to be carbon neutral. This effort has included significant financial investment by SMUD (over $2.5 billion so far) and strategic initiatives such as partnering with the Department of Energy to remove 90 percent of carbon from gas power plants.  Paul said it will take 3x the amount of renewable energy sources to meet that 90 percent goal. So far SMUD’s initiatives have reduced costs by $60 million. SMUD remains the 6th largest publicly owned utility nationwide with rates 54 percent lower than the local private competitor.  He also shared the discounts provided to homeowners who install energy saving water heaters, HVAC, and solar options.

Greeters John McIntyre, Michael Mui and Liz McClatchy got a salute from President Todd, as did meeting photographer PP Diane Woodruff and Pulse reporter Peter Coyl. The wine reception was sponsored by Bob Rosenberg.

Next week’s meeting will be Armed Forces Day featuring guest speaker Lieutenant Parker Marshall, United States Navy.

Photos Courtesy of Past President Diane Woodruff