President Todd with sister and family

President Todd welcomed all comers to our weekly meeting, including his older sister’s family! They were visiting from out of town and stopped by to see the head honcho in action.

PP Diane Woodruff quoted George Bernard Shaw in her thought for


the day, which included: “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

Meeting sponsor Paul Keefer reminded everyone our Golf For Kids event is coming up on May 10th – the longest continuously running fundraiser in all of Rotary!  Paul outlined the many needs at the beneficiary Ralph Richardson Center – aquatic items and equipment, an aquatic wheelchair, aquatic tires, cooking items and transportation support, laundry carts, soccer goals, storage carts, dental goods and more. Also included in Paul’s plea was the Hiram Johnson Program at Sacramento State, aiming to send 40 program participants and support staff to Disneyland! If you’re inspired, any donation to these important programs is much appreciated.

Todd’s Tuesday Trivia, hosted by Elfrena Foord and Jim Culleton, shone the spotlight on club members who have served as sports officials (Mik Miklaus, John Wood, Gary Kerns); those who have reconnected with family history with deep American roots (Jeff Stone, Jim Leet, John Brackenbury); and Rotarians who did crazy travel trips before settling down (Jim Olsen, Len Simpson, Bruce Hester).

Let’s Go Skiing!

Jamie Furlong

Dick Noonan fined himself for a cell phone ring in last week’s meeting.  Jamie Furlong celebrated a great leadership seminar she attended along with Tom Bacon, which was presented by our Rotary district. Ed Wright donated both in honor of a recent Argentina trip and in gratitude to Jamie Furlong for a business referral.

Chair of the Day Jim Culleton introduced our two speakers from Northern California Pet Imaging Center, Ruth Tesar and Brad Schmidt, both familiar faces as club members.

Presenters Ruth Tesar and Brad Schmidt with President Todd

Ruth shared the history of PET imaging and its evolution into acceptance for cancer detection, which involved a long slog for FDA approval and insurance coverage coupled with educating physicians about the value of PET scanning.  Brad, Ruth’s successor as CEO at NorCal PET Imaging Center, described their work today – 750,000 tests are performed every year!  Brad reviewed what a PET scan was on a cellular level and described the radioactive bio markers.



President Todd made sure to thank greeters Emily Carper, Dave McKie, and PP Bob Miller. Photography was provided by John Swentowsky.  And everyone’s favorite wine reception was hosted by none other than our own Tom Bacon.