As our meeting began, Past President Diane Woodruff financially incentivized our own Bill Shubb (U.S. District Court) to perform on his ukulele a George Burns and Dean Martin Classic – “Old Bones Inside An Old Raincoat.” This lively time was a perfect introduction to the meeting. President Jim Leet (Boutin/Jones Inc.) then called the raucous crowd to order. President Jim thanked the Rotary Brain Trust – LaToya for coordinating and effectuating the technology for our first group breakout session. President Jim presided over the Pledge of Allegiance and our meeting was under way.


Allison Cagley (Friend of Sacramento Arts) provided our thought of the day, Allison reminded us all that “Philanthropy is the rent that we pay for the time and space that we spend on this rock called Earth.”


Allison noted that philanthropy is actually an opportunity for us all to become more active in giving and become more involved with our communities. This advice is all the more timely in the midst of the unprecedented need so that many of our neighbors endure.


Allison reminded us to examine how we all give or donate our time, treasure and talents to those providing critical services to help our neighbors to survive and heal from the challenges of our newly socially distant world.


The Big Day of Giving is Thursday, May 7. Ms. Cagley asked us to remember the essential, critical services being provided every day by the employees and volunteers of the non-profit organizations in our community. One such cause near and dear to Allison’s heart is providing education and exposure to the Arts in our struggling school system. Friends of Sacramento Arts is committed to the complete restoration of Arts education or all students in the Sacramento County Public Schools by providing funding, mobilizing Arts advocacy and developing strategic partnerships. With a minimum donation of $15.00 to any one of the many charitable organizations involved with The Big Day of Giving, we can all afford to be philanthropists. More information about The Big Day of Giving can be found at the following link;


President Jim appeared in a video with gourmet recipes for an entire week’s worth of meals designed especially for ease of shopping and preparation for those under quarantine. John Wood (McGee & Thielen Insurance) noticed that these menu items were offered at The Kitchen Restaurant for $45.99. Jim Leet’s (Boutin/Jones Inc.) “How To” video is expected to be available for purchase soon on Hell’s Kitchen. Jim has graciously offered to provide pre-release copies for an appropriate contribution to ­­­­Your Paul Harris Award.


Dee Hartzog donated her time to Laura Heitz (Stanford Youth Solutions’ CEO) of Stanford Youth Solutions which focuses on helping our struggling youth survive the many challenges that are deepened by this new socially distant world.


In July, 2019 Stanford Youth Solutions merged with Sierra Forever Families to better serve our youth in need as Stanford Sierra Youth and Families (“SSYF”) SSYF is providing phone and tele-health services and taking new referrals during the Shelter-At-Home Order.


More information on the mission and success stories of Stanford Sierra Youth and Families can be found at SSYF is participating in the Big Day of Giving on May 7. Donations can be provided at!/donation/checkout.


The meeting then broke off into a number of small groups of approximately 6 members each. Each small group was able to talk about how they were dealing with the crisis. We all shared new activities being pursued while being sheltered at home. Some were reading more, playing the guitar. Many were cooking more. Some, including this reporter, are seeking social distance from our refrigerators in an effort to flatten the curve.


We all agreed that the small group breakout session was of great value to provide both Rotarian fellowship and to personalize the meeting experience. Thank you again President Jim, LaToya and Sulaf.


Tune in next week as we visit with the Young Professionals who will oversee our meeting.