The 2018 Sacramento Century was a resounding success – netting over $100,000 to help children in need.

Under the enthusiastic leadership of President Diane Woodruff and event co-chairs Susan Sheridan and Roy Alexander, the event attracted 1,100 cyclists and grossed over $220,000.  

After expenses, over $100,000 is headed to the Crisis Nursery program at Sacramento Children’s Home to provide care for kids in urgent need. All funds stay in the community – a significant focus for our club’s mission.

The meeting celebrated this tremendous spirit of voluntarism. Todd Koolakian of Sacramento Children’s Home shared event photos and expressed appreciation for the many Rotarians and community members who made this event successful.

Todd Andrews photobombs revelers Alice Sauro and Dick Osen celebrating the Sac Century success.

Over the course of many months of fundraising, recruiting riders, coordinating food and beverages, securing permits, mall set up, organizing food trucks, route setup and, of course, clean-up, the Rotary Club of Sacramento members again proved to be a talented, hard-working team all focused on benefiting our community. 

The club can be proud of the Sacramento tradition this event has become — thanks in no small part to Todd Andrews, Susan Sheridan and others who began it in 2014.

Elfrena Foord (Foord, Van Bruggen & Pajak) welcomed guests and prospective members.

President Diane with a souvenir presented by Kathy Herrfeldt (R).

In “Let’s Educate Someone,” John Wood (McGee & Thielen Insurance Brokers) honored Tina Reynolds (Uptown Studios) with a “pitch” for future Rotary Club products featuring Tina. Tina donated in recognition of her 70th birthday and some recent Business Journal coverage. Kathy Herrfeldt (Home Care Assistance) presented President Diane with a Statue of Liberty she brought back from a trip to Boston and New 

York and donated to her Eddie Mulligan. Past President Tim Pinkney shared photos of his recent work with the Girl Scouts to grow a pumpkin weighing 291 pounds and donated a dollar $300. John Phair recognized his grandson’s pumpkin weighing in at 336 pounds and donated a dollar per pound.

. the Walk for Literacy (October 20) was promoted by April Javist (Sacramento Public Library Foundation), Steve Huffman (Huffman Strategy) and Jim Leet (Boutin Jones). Coffee and pastries prior to the walk will be hosted by President Diane.

. Calling for wine sponsors! Ed Wright (Martensen Wright PC) and Bob McLean (McLean & Tillotson Construction) announced the need for weekly wine reception sponsors. Six bottles of red wine and six bottles of white wine are needed for each meeting.

. International trips – Clayton Lee (C.K.L. Trust) announced some upcoming international service trips – Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda and Nigeria), Nepal and Germany.

Tim Mattheis (WMB Architects) hosted the wine reception with spirits from Lange Twins Winery. Door greeters

Dan Fenocchio (L) and Tim Mattheis enjoying the wine reception.

were Patrick Furlong (Legacy 1031 Exchange Solutions), Margo Fowkes (OnTarget Consulting) and Virginia Wade (retired-SAFE Credit Union).

The words for the day were offered by Harry “Skip” Lawrence (retired-dentistry).  

The Thought for the Day was presented by Ted White (Delta Property Management).

Mike Bullington (Pacific Advisors) served as meeting photographer.

Allison Cagley served as Pulse reporter.

Next week’s meeting will feature a review of upcoming ballot initiatives by expert Mary Beth Moylan of McGeorge School of Law.