Rotary Meeting: October 19, 2021
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) gathered everyone around to start the meeting with endless gratitude towards the wine reception that never fails Rotarians with a good time. President Bob initiated the meeting by thanking the following individuals for their participation and commitment to the Rotary Club of Sacramento.
President BOB MILLER initiated the meeting by thanking the following individuals for their participation and commitment to the Rotary Club of Sacramento; BOB thanked this meeting’s greeters KEVIN WILLIAMS (Chief Sponsorship Manager /KVIE) lone greeter CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Vice President Chief Development Officer/ Volunteers of America), lone greeter KATHY TOSCHI (Financial Advisor/ Edward Jones), pulse reporter JOHN M. GORALKA, photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Owner/Swentowsky Photography) wine receptionist LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant/ Energy, Leed and Commissioning Consulting.)
Invocator DICK NOONAN (California State Railroad Museum/General Manager Railroad Operations) focused the thought for the day on the importance of constantly using the questions who, what, when, where and why during life challenging situations. Dick further discussed each of them in detail giving examples of their meaning and relevance to the minds decision making process. He quoted “The answer to any question will comes to those who asked why.”
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER announced those who graced the dais today, in celebration of the success of this year’s blood donation.
  • BOB MILLER – (First US Community Credit Union) President
  • NORM MARSHALL – (President, Headwaters Construction) Chair of the Day
  • DWIGHT WHITE – (Inspector General, City of Sacramento) Guest Speaker
  • BOB DALY- (Financial Advisor/ Financial Network Wealth Advisors) Member
  • ALLISON CAGLEY – Committee Member (Allison Cagley/Daughter’s Day)
Allison went over the upcoming event and any pending matters pertaining to Daughter’s Day.
PANELIST TOM BACON (Senior Vice President / BCRE – Bacon Commercial Real Estate) initiated the new Rotary Club of Sacramento induction for their newest member CHRISTIE SHORROCK (Director of Development/ Stanford Sierra Youth and Families). CHRISTIE is being sponsored by PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF & DEE HARTZOG (Weintraub Genshlea Ohediak). Growing up Christie has always been inclined towards helping families and children in Sacramento County. Her role as Director of Development for Stanford Sierra Youth and Families has allowed her to provide families with valuable resources to better assist them with youth mental health and other severe matters like juvenile guidance through the Sacramento County Probation Department. Christie has always had a strong inclination to better serve her community leading her to become a Rotary Club Member. She proceeded to remind everyone of a virtual event occurring on November 17, 2021, at Stanford Sierra. Information is available HERE.
  • SARAH HODGE (California State University, Sacramento/Director of Development proceeded to talk about the upcoming Brown Bag Day and the regular meeting fee of $25.00.
  • JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography/Owner) discussed details on Loaves and Fishes community event.
PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Financial Advisor / Financial Network Wealth Advisors) presented a slide with the quote “Did you know polio could be the second human disease to ever be eradicated?” World Polio Day is on Sunday October 24th he said. Bob then informed the Rotarians that Rotary has been fighting Polio since the 1980’s. He mentioned that in 1985 more than 2 billion children worldwide were vaccinated against polio, thanks Rotary International and its health organization. BOB diverted the focus to the importance of fundraising for this cause throughout various upcoming Rotary events.
  • DWIGHT WHITE (Inspector General, City of Sacramento) is a Chicago native who focuses on Police Accountability and Gavin Newsom’s newly created law to prevent misconducted police officers from promotion within their assigned agency before facing disciplinary action for their misconduct. DWIGHT attended the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law and became appointed a homicide investigator for the city of Chicago Police Department. He expressed how honored he feels to now be a Sacramento resident and the Inspector General of the city. He proceeded to address Rotarian’s attention to the severity of misconducted behavior and the aggression that we are manifesting today between police officers and civilians. He also stated that although misconduct is an ongoing issue in our country, so are mass shootings and homicides. His speech concluded with a powerful recap on how important it is for us as civilians to contribute to an investigation if we believe to have crucial details that will benefit an ongoing investigation.
Thank You To All Participants
Save The Date! October 1st 2022
  • Some of the photos showed Rotarians at their best riding skills. Thank you to this year’s top raising challenge champions.
If you’d like to see a recording recapping the Sac Century Challenge, click HERE.
After final thanks to PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN, PRESIDENT BOB called on Sergeant-at-arms GIULIANO KORNBERG, who shared that next week’s meeting will be at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on November 2nd. Our guest speaker will be AMBER STOTT from (Panel/Food Nonprofits) who will be addressing the fundamental importance that food banks have on our Nation.
President Bob concluded a busy meeting at 1:30pm.
Upcoming Rotary Meetings at a Glance!
  • 10/26- Brown Bag Day!
  • 11/2- The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10-1:30 PM
Speaker: Amber Stott + Panel – Food Nonprofits
  • 11/9- Dark
  • 11/16- The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10-1:30 PM
Speaker: Cassandra Jennings