Rotary Meeting, July 12, 2022
Celebrations on top of Celebrations!  A party within a party….. remember a party without cake is just a meeting, but hold on:  we had cake and plenty of it.  We just came off the 4th of July holiday to the fanfare of a huge milestone and the installation of a new President- Welcome PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert CPAs).  SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies) called a raucous crowd to order.  Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys put everyone in a festive mood.  A far cry from the tyrannical choice ala Tears for Fears of our outgoing PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First Community Credit Union) who wanted to Rule the World. Click here for the entrance music.
Rotarians were met by our greeters MATT PAGE (Lucas Group Financial Planners, Inc.) and SHARNA BRAUCKS (YMCA of Superior California).  VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union) was on photo duty to record the festivities and MEGAN LAURIE (UCP of Sacramento & Northern CA) manned the very popular wine reception.
Introductions were in order.  The Foundation Trustees ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home), BOB DALEY (Financial Network Wealth Advisors), JAIME FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate), LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert CPAs), APRIL JAVIST (Sacramento Literacy Foundation), STEVE JOHANNSEN (Johanson Associates Law), LEV KAGANOVICH (LEED & Commissioning Consulting), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), VIRGINIA WADE (Retired, SAFE Credit Union) and TED WHITE (Residential Property Management) made their entrance in grand fashion.
Only to be followed by the Directors and Officers of the club: DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Newmark), JAIME FURLONG (Legacy Investment Real Estate), GABRIEL GENDRON (Coldwell Banker Realty), STEVE HEATH (Rotary staff), PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charters), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), LIZ MCCLATCHY (Safety Center Incorporated), KATHE NATHAN (Merchants Bank of Commerce), BOBBY REED (Capitol Tech Solutions), ANN SOLOMON (University of Auckland), RUTH TESAR (Northern California PET Imaging Center), TED WHITE (Residential Property Management) and TERESA WHEELER (Prevail Public Affairs).
But the spotlight was on center stage as we welcomed our 111th President into the ballroom!  PRESIDENT-ELECT LINDA GEERY (Shareholder, Gilbert PCAs) and her husband MARK cruised in on bicycles!
PAST PRESIDENT DIANE MIZELL gave a warm welcome in her thought-for-the-day remarks. DIANE’s thought for the day was the following heartfelt message of hope for our new PRESIDENT LINDA GEERY:
The first Rotary meeting in July is always a special day. We welcome new leadership.  The anticipation as a new president announces their plans and vision for the coming year has always been exciting.  Today is no different, as we proudly continue our traditions with guidance from President Linda.
For you Madam President:
May the new year bring you an abundance of amazing opportunities, beautiful moments, and joyful experiences.  May your positive actions & attitude inspire others. May you find yourself in high spirits & excellent health. May you love with all your heart and find peace in even the most challenging times. May the love you give always find its way back to you multiplied, and may you forever be filled with the hope & strength necessary to make your dreams a reality.
Our Visiting Rotarians are from Uganda! HENRY KATONGOLE, CINDY IGA – and I thought DAN FENOCCHIO traveled far from Davis!
The Rotary Rockers:  KEVIN SMITH FAGAN (Fairytale Town), SHIRLEE TULLY (Capital Public Radio), JEFF STONE (HUB International), KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), JOHN MCINTYRE (Mercy Foundation) and MARK LUHDORFF (Reviver Mx, Inc.) brought the crowd to their feet ­­­­­­ with renditions of A Certain Girl by WARREN ZEVON and Money by the BEATLES.
Mik on the Mic.  MIKE MIKLAUS (Integrity Mortgage) gave a few pointers on how to hold and use the microphone.  Hold it like an “ice cream cone” hold it at an angle, if you turn your head, the mic should turn with you.  There should be no mic drop, don’t fiddle with the buttons.  Hopefully, this is the last installment of Mik on the Mic.
ELFRENA FOORD (Arata Brothers Trust) got the crowd into a fever pitch as she introduced our first Rotary Centenarian, BOB COLE (Goodwin Cole Company).  BOB joined Rotary when he was 29, when he turned 51 he was installed as President of the Club.  He was an Eagle Scout, a marine, Serving in World War II and Korea.  BOB attended UC Berkeley and Stanford.  When he was a boy he went to a parade and there were a few veterans there.  Those veterans were from the Civil War!  He was married to Billie for 69 years. He has been a Rotarian for 71 years.  He has 10 great-grandchildren.  The 5 reasons he is so fit, healthy and happy?
#1 Good genes
#2 He gives support and gets support
#3 Sense of Humor
#4 Stay active with a good diet and exercise
#5 Find joy in life
When BOB was president the International Rotary Convention was in Switzerland.  He and BILLIE had a grand time.  BOB‘s father was a Rotarian in Fresno, CA.  At a father/son meeting, Bob once won a prize: Free Ice Cream once a week for a year.  Yes, Rotary was good to BOB, even then.
Rotary Rockers again brought down the house with Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest.  This induced spontaneous dancing by the head table.  And a special tribute to BOB COLE (Goodwin Cole Company), a sing-a-long rendition of Bavarian Folk Song, The Happy Wanderer.  Click here for the PowerPoint Slide Sing-A-Long.
A few video and written messages wishing good thoughts to Linda’s term by PAST PRESIDENT DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired, Chancellor California Community Colleges) and PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired, Sheridan Law Corporation) set the stage for PAST PRESIDENT THOM GILBERT (Retired, Gilbert Associates, Inc.).
Thom introduced LINDA with a few remarks included below:


WONDER WOMAN? My recent awareness of Super Hero’s – I became aware of a Super Hero in our ranks.
The details of Wonder Woman’s origin have changed many times over the years, but the basics have remained largely the same. She rescued MARK GEERY from a doomed life as a bachelor when she first visited earth from an unchartered island where she was raised in the Amazon traditions. This future Rotarian takes on the name LINDA SMITH and then agrees to marry MARK GEERY and becomes the mother of two mortal sons, NICK and RYAN. In her role of Wonder Mom LINDA steers the boys through to adulthood using her super powers. These powers also allowed her to go back to school at night to complete her undergraduate degree in accounting from CSUS. This technical training and employment as an accountant, and eventually as a CPA, seemed to be a good hiding identity for a Super Hero. Her disguise as CPA allows her to demonstrate her super powers, or core values, in 7 important leadership qualities:
  • Honesty
  • Selflessness
  • Decisiveness
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Willingness to listen
  • … and Perseverance – which is required to PRESS ON.
The foundation of her chosen profession as a CPA is built upon Independence, Integrity and Objectivity, which are consistent with her core values.
Finding Rotary was predestined since our motto, Service Above Self, and the 4 Way Test, which applies to the things we think, say, or do is consistent with her core values and superpowers.
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
She also embraces an implied 5th test, IS IT FUN
The Prolog
Throughout all of this, MARK knew some special power hovered over the life of their family. It did, and still does for her family and the communities she serves as a professional and community/Rotary volunteer!!!
I first met LINDA in 1999 when she joined GILBERT, CPAs on a part-time basis. Her training skills and QuickBooks knowledge became quickly apparent. Initially uncomfortable about group presentations, I convinced Linda to help me promote the formation of a Quick-Books User Group meeting. To allay her concerns, I noted that I would take the lead in the presentation, she would only have to answer technical questions. I’m not sure I ever attended again and the continuing meetings were very successful in building our expertise and recognition in the community. By 2007 she was working full time, had demonstrated her leadership skills, and became a partner.
About this time, I invited Linda to attend a RCOS meeting. The match of interests and opportunity to give back set the fire to an ember in service above self that has carried through to today. One huge lift she has undertaken as a Rotarian is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awareness (RYLA) program. From recruiting students, charring the RYLA committee, and serving as a counselor at least 8 times. At least 200 students have been impacted by her participation in this program.
On a personal note, my wife and I have taken two bicycle trips with the GEERY’s: Santa Barbara and Canada-Lake Louise/Baniff. One of the things I learned was that E-assist bikes are a must for those over 60, but mountains were not problem for this Super Rotarian. Many of you know of this passion in LINDA and MARK, it has spilled over into the Sacramento Century bike fundraiser that is now in its 8th year.
We couldn’t agree more with THOM!
MARK GEERY was able to share a few details about Linda’s life and career, he included a few photos from their wedding, early years, and recent travels.  Linda grew up on 38th Street.
She and MARK met at a dance club.  They share two sons NICK (Knoxville, Tenn) and RYAN (Southern California.
MARK‘s advice to LINDA:
Rest and relax, find the right people, lace ’em up and jump right in.  Stop and smell the roses, celebrate success, and reflect.  And remember LINDA, MARK is your biggest fan.
PAST PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) then pinned LINDA with the Rotary President’s Pin.
LINDA finally got the microphone and thanked her well-wishers.  She mentioned the rich history of our Rotary club and pledged to keep the fun in Rotary with Pinots and Pinot and Joke of the Day among others.  ELFRENA will assist her on the “fun committee.”
A few new twists to be on the lookout for:  Impact Table – this will be set up by the wine bar and will share information from Rotarians about their impact on the community.
New Member tables will be set up at meetings and they will have membership moments as we continue to build our membership.
PRESIDENT LINDA noted the new giving Levels:
  1. $1,000 – Diamond
  2. $500 – Sapphire
  3. $250 – Ruby
  4. $100 – Emerald
  5. $100 – Crystal (for clean drinking water via ISC)
  6. $50/$25 – Opal
PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law) gave us the Smile of the Day and we were reminded the next meeting will be July 19th with guest Speaker SEAN MINOR of Minor Wines.
He’s Virtually a Winemaker!
Sean Minor doesn’t own a winery or a vineyard; doesn’t have a tasting room in a cave or a fancy cafe in wine country. Hear more about his fascinating approach at our meeting next Tuesday (July 19th), when Minor will be our guest speaker. He will tell us all about the market niche he spotted while working for one of Napa Valley’s oldest and most respected wineries, and how he has made Sean Minor Wines a market leader in quality, medium-priced wines without owning a crusher, rack, oak barrel or forklift since founding his company in 2005. And by the way, he’s also hosting our pre-meeting wine reception, so be sure to arrive early and bring a guest! Make your reservation NOW by clicking on this link.
07/19/2022– SEAN MINOR OF MINOR WINES located at 2277 Fairs Oaks Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95825.
Come share a glass of wine with SEAN MINOR and learn about this local winery.
07/26/2022 – TROY TAYLOR / CSUS Head Football Coach STINGER’s UP!
08/02/2022 – GREG LUCAS / State Librarian Click here to connect to Greg via LinkedIn.
08/09/2022 – JAMIE FURLONG / International Community Services Day