Rotary Meeting, June 28, 2022
It was applaud until you drop day at PRESIDENT BOB MILLER’s last meeting. MILLER (First US Community Credit Union) named as many members as he could and thanked them for making his term such a success. Our members clapped back and bid him farewell with a standing ovation.
Greeters ED WRIGHT (Managing shareholder of Martensen Wright Law) and PAST PRESIDENT WES YEE (Yee Dental Care) welcomed members to a room patriotically decorated with everything from napkins to table-toppers colored red, white, and blue. Miller led an enthusiastic Pledge of Allegiance.
Photos were taken by Sarah Hodge and other members since JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography) was on vacation. ANN SOLOMON (Regional Director for Western North America, University of Auckland) served up the wine and then gave the Thought of the Day on wine. She quoted ROBERT MONDAVI who said, “Making fine wine is an art.” As meeting sponsor, she then donated her time to CORINNE MARTINEZ of Berryessa Gap Winery, who donated the wine for the reception.
Thank you, ANN!
Sergeant-At-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director, Sacramento Philharmonic) introduced guests and visiting Rotarians including one young man from Uganda. Seated at the head table were SOLOMON, MILLER, BOB DALY (Financial advisor, Financial Network Wealth Advisors), and President-Elect LINDA GEERY (shareholder, Gilbert CPAs).
California Assembly Member JIM COOPER, recently elected Sacramento County Sheriff, presented DISTRICT GOVERNOR DESIREE WILSON with a framed state legislature resolution honoring our 5180 district for battling child sexual trafficking with a recognition for Seeds of Hope. WILSON said, “It’s Rotarians who step up to make it stop.”

Two new members were inducted, a treat for PRESIDENT BOB’s last meeting. GABRIEL HERRERA (shareholder with Kronick Moskovitz Tiedemann & Girard, was sponsored by JUSTINO SANTANA (Nonprofit business development) and PAST PRESIDENT WALTER DAHL (Dahl Law). SERGIO ROBLES (Field Representative for Congressman Ami Bera) was sponsored by PRESIDENT BOB and BOBBY REED (Database development).
 KIEFIE BREWER (retired Tourism) donated in honor of her and Art’s 67th wedding anniversary. SCOTT FORD (Downtown Sacramento Partnership) donated both for PRESIDENT BOB’s service and the installation of the Old Sacramento Waterfront neon sign. PAST PRESIDENT FRED TEICHERT gave in honor of PRESIDENT BOB, his 31st wedding anniversary, and DISTRICT GOVERNOR WILSON. PRESIDENT BOB donated in honor of DALY’s work for the foundation board.
Many members honored PRESIDENT BOB with donations. SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies), PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charters), KERRY WOODS (Sacramento Region Community Foundation), THERESA WHEELER (Public Affairs Consulting), TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home), BOB DALY, KORNBERG, and KATHY HERRFELDT (retired Home Care Services).
PRESIDENT BOB presented the following members with their EDDIE MULLIGAN pins:
               TOM BACON (Commercial Real Estate)
               HEIDI HERSHENHOUSE-CORBET (Nonprofit)
               MAGGIE HOPKINS (Real Estate)
               JOHN MCINTYRE (Dignity Health)
               JEFF SETZER (Setzer Forest)
               JIM STRENG (General Contractor)
               LATOYA WONG (Setzer Forest)
               PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Fairytale Town)
               KATHE NATHAN (Retired banking)
               DICK NOONAN (Excursion Railroad)
               RIVKAH SASS (retired librarian)
               ERIC SOLIS (Wells Fargo Financial Planning
               PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET (Boutin-Jones)
Thank you Rotarians for your generosity this year!
Foundation Board Chair BOB DALY presented the following members with their PAUL HARRIS awards:
               STEVE JOHANSON (Johanson Associates Law)
               MIKE GILLIGAN (CPA)
               JAMIE FURLONG (Finance)
               LARRY GILZEAN (Spare Times Sports Club)
               LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant/Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting)
               ROY ALEXANDER (Sacramento Children’s Home)
               SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies)
               TED WHITE (Residential property management)
               APRIL JAVITZ (Sacramento Literary Organization)
Special PAUL HARRIS pins were given to:
               BOBBY REED
               SUSAN SHERIDAN
               JAMIE FURLONG
               LATOYA WONG
               SARAH HODGE
               KERRY WOOD                   
The incoming members of the club’s board of directors included:
               PE LINDA GEERY (Shareholder Gilbert PCAs)
               GIULIANO KORNBERG (Sacramento Philharmonic)
               DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Real Estate)
               CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Volunteers of America)
               STRATI VOURAKIS (Calm Computer Consulting)
               ANN SOLOMON (Regional Directors for Western North America, University of Auckland)
               THERESA WHEELER (Public Affairs Consulting)
               KERRY WOOD (Sacramento Region Community Foundation)
               PAUL KEEFER (Pacific Charters)
               TODD KOOLAKIAN (Sacramento Children’s Home)
               JOHN MCINTYRE (Dignity Health)
               BOBBY REED (Database Development)
               STEVE HEATH (Rotary staff)
KEVIN WILLIAMS (KVIE) produced a video review of the year.
PRESIDENT BOB thanked the staff including LATOYA WONG, STEVE HEATH, BARBARA CLEGG, and SULAF AL AJEELI. “Those who run our club on a daily basis,” he said. “Keep the applause coming. Covid has made everything interesting.”
A slide presentation acknowledged the recognitions of club events which benefitted the community including:
               Sac Century Challenge, $92,500 for the Crisis Nursery.
               Golf 4 Kids, $29,000 for area schools.
               Nine scholarships totaling $19,525.
               Community grants of $20,000 were given to 14 organizations.
               The Old Sacramento Waterfront sign received $25,000 raised by the Young Professionals.
Committee chairs acknowledged included:
               The Blood Drive: (remember KATHE NATHAN (retired banking) and Sharna Braucks (YMCA) in their vampire capes)
               Brown Bag Day: SARAH HODGE (Association of California Water Agencies)
               Family Day: ALLISON CAGLEY (Friends of Sacramento Arts)
               Greeters: TED WHITE ((Residential property management)
               The Jean Runyon Award: KATHY HERRFELDT (retired Home Care Services)
               Sponsor of the Day: KATHE NATHAN and MEGAN WYGANT  (Clara Center)
               Thought of the Day: KELLEY MORAN (Public Relations) and NANCY TEICHERT (Writer)
               Wine Reception: KEVIN WILLIAMS
Sac Century Challenge: PAST PRESIDENT SUSAN SHERIDAN (Retired attorney) and DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Real Estate)
               Service Above Self: Kelley Moran
               YIP: ERIC SOLIS
               RYE: PAUL KEEFER
               Community Grants: CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER
               Audit Committee: LIZ MCCLATCHY (Nonprofit)
               Photography: JOHN SWENTOWSKY
               Programs: SARAH HODGE and KERRY WOOD
               Pulse: JOHN GORALKA (Goralka Law Firm)
               Golf 4 Kids: BOBBY REED
               Loaves and Fishes: JOHN SWENTOWSKY and VIRGINIA WADE
               ISC Committee: CLAYTON LEE (Real Estate)
               Speech Contest: DAVID BRANDENBURGER
               Toy Drive: PAST PRESIDENT JIM LEET
               Compassion: STEVE HUFFMAN (Historical Associations)
               Old Sacramento Waterfront sign: YOUNG PROFESSIONALS
               “All Rotarians are amazing,” conceded outgoing PRESIDENT BOB, who thanked his wife
MARINA for all her support. “It has been an honor and privilege. We still have so much to do. We will continue to make a difference.”
               The club’s board honored PRESIDENT BOB, who is an avid Dodger fan, with their own salute to him with a song sung to the tune of Take Me Out to the Ballgame.
               Take BOB out to the ball game,
               Take HIM out with the crowd;
               Buy BOB some peanuts and Cracker Jacks,
               We don’t care if HE never gets back.
               So, let’s root, root, root for BOB’s home team,
               If they don’t win, it’s a shame.
               For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
               At the old ball game.
               Today is BO-OB’s last meeting
               As Pres-i-dent of our club
               He will need some time to relax
               Whose to say if he’ll ever come back?
               So, let’s root, root, root for BOB MILLER
               A stel-law job he has done
               So it’s one, two, three shouts out loud
               For our PRES-I-DENT BOB!!
07/05/2022 – DARK
07/12/2022-Installation – Meet PRESIDENT-ELECT LINDA
07/19/2022– SEAN MINOR of Minor Wines located at 2277 Fairs Oaks Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95825.