Rotary Club Award

Our Club was recently recognized as the “Best Large Club of the Year” for 2017-18 from among 41 Clubs in the regional Rotary District 5180 at the District’s recent 2018 Conference. This annual award is given to one of the Large Clubs in District of 5180 who have 51 or more members, for its accomplishments in various areas. Our Club achieved four 1st Place awards for its excellence in the areas of: conducting Service & Projects; participation in Rotary International Foundation activities; promoting the Public Image of Rotary; and, in carrying out the Administration of the Rotary Club of Sacramento and its participation in Rotary District 5180 and Rotary International operations, programs and activities. Our Club also garnered a 2nd Place award for its Youth Services. These award areas comprise five of the six criteria by which Clubs are judged. The District 5180 Awards Program is designed to inspire and engage individual Rotarians, recognize the accomplishments of specific Rotary Clubs, and strengthen and grow the Clubs, the District and Rotary International. Said District 5180 Governor Sandi Sava, “I really want to congratulate not only the award recipients, but all the Rotarians and clubs that have done so much this year for the good of our District and the world. They have done a lot, and inspire us all to do even more!”

In his remarks to fellow Rotarians and guests as outgoing President at a recent Rotary Club of Sacramento weekly meeting celebrating his successful 2017-18 term as the Club’s 104th President, John said,

John Lemmon headshot
John Lemmon

“Last July 11th I stepped up here as your President for the very first time. I showed you documents and pictures dating back to the very formation of our Club in 1914. I suggested that there is no way those people could have known what good our Club would do over the following 104 years. Looking back at this history from today’s perspective, we can see that what they did, and what the people who followed them did, made huge differences in our City, Community and World. What they did truly mattered. And so I challenged you to learn with me from that lesson to always remember that what we do now will matter for our City, Community and World and probably in ways we cannot anticipate. Over the last year, you rose to that challenge and made it one of the most successful in our history. Since July 1, 2017, you compiled an exceptional list of contributions and service to our City, Community and neighbors near and far. You pledged or contributed nearly $224,000 to hurricane relief, fire relief, Polio Plus, Eddie Mulligan Society, Paul Harris Society, World Community Service projects, scholarships, Sacramento Century Challenge and Golf 4 Kids.

And, of course, this number does not tell the whole story. It does not account for the good done by our service projects like Loaves and Fishes, Youth Incentive Program, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, and our work on the Veterans Home this past April. It is not just me thinking that you did a great job. Last month, your efforts were recognized by our Rotary District 5180 with four first place awards culminating in winning the Best Large Club of the Year. No one around can recall if, or when, that ever happened before. We also brought in a large number of new members, modernized our look and procedures, and laid a great foundation for the next year under President Diane Woodruff’s leadership.

We got all of this done because of your efforts and because of the effective leadership of many people. Thanks all of you, my fellow Rotarians, for allowing me to serve as your President over the last year. What we have done together this last year truly matters, and I am grateful to each of you for your support and understanding.”