The Pulse for the week of February 6, 2023
You’ll Love Hearing from Kitty!
Broadcasting personality KITTY O’NEAL is a very public figure, whether smiling for the TV cameras while wearing fabulous evening gowns on Academy Awards red carpet, or dressed a bit more casually while behind the microphone anchoring the KFBK Radio afternoon news. But next Tuesday, February 14th, Kitty will share some personal thoughts about love, life and broadcasting, when she appears as guest speaker for our Valentine’s Day meeting—at noon at the Annunciation Greek Church. Read more…
No Meeting February 21st
Monday, February 20th, is Presidents’ Day. It was originally called George Washington’s Birthday, but there is a great deal of debate about the actual date of President Washington’s birth. Some states combine the celebration of Washington’s birth with that of Thomas Jefferson. Others include Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. And still others, like the State of California, ignore the whole thing—even though it is an official federal holiday. Rotary Club of Sacramento will honor President’s Day by taking the day off on Tuesday the 21st. Feel free to remember and celebrate some, or all, of the aforementioned presidents for your day(s) of freedom. See you on the 28th!
Flying at the Speed of Life
Legendary pilot, author and nationally known inspirational speaker BRIAN SCHUL will share his remarkable story in a special presentation to Rotary Club of Sacramento at its regular weekly meeting at noon on Tuesday, February 28th, in the auditorium of the Annunciation Greek Church, 600 Alhambra Boulevard, in Sacramento. The former Air Force pilot survived being shot down on his 212th mission in Viet Nam and was told he would never fly again. But he went on to fly the SR-71 spy plane, the fastest aircraft ever built. Read more…
Brown Bag Day a Hit!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few thousand words, courtesy of our Brown Bag Day hosts. Tuesday the 7th was Brown Bag Day and dozens of Rotarians visited seven locations around the region to share fellowship and learn more about their fellow members. Special thanks to all of you who hosted a Brown Bag Session: NIKKI WARDLAW, SHIRLEE TULLY, Past-President JON SNYDER, Past-President KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN, CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER, JOHN GORALKA and Past-Presidents HAL BARTHOLOMEW and BEVERLY BRAUTIGAM!