Jackie Kirkwood

Jamie Furlong

Maggie Hopkins

Grant Bledsoe

Gerry Dabi

Chris Bossnecker

Brandon Montalvo

“Rotary is a name I grew up with: my dad was a Rotarian since before I was born as was my grandfather. But I never thought Rotary was for me. Perhaps because I mostly saw older men at Rotary and thought it was a club for business men. I joined anyway (at my dad’s persistence). From Day 1, I was very welcomed by our club. No one looked down on me for being young. No one patronized me. In fact, the opposite happened: the club embraced me. Right away people introduced themselves and offered to show me around. Everyone was friendly and curious about me and my story. I quickly got asked to participate on committees and take on small responsibilities, all which made me feel more at home and familiar with our members. And here I am one year later and totally in love with our club, it’s people, and our impact in the community.”

Jamie Furlong

“While I haven’t been a member of the Rotary Club of Sacramento and the Young Professionals group for very long, I’ve been incredibly impressed and delighted on how welcoming everyone is. Since Day 1, everyone in the Club has welcomed me with open arms and supported me through various endeavors, such as my work with the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera and participation in events such as SVP’s Fast Pitch program. The Young Professional Group in particular has given me a wonderful social network, and I know that I can work together with, and rely on, these individuals for Rotary and other community projects. I will continue to be as active as I can with the YP group, and it will surely enhance my time living and working in Sacramento overall.”

Giuliano Kornberg

“At at the time that I joined Rotary there were only a handful of young professionals in the club and I saw the YP group as a good way to both network and be involved more closely with Rotary. I have found that many of the YP’s share a strong connection because we are in very similar stages of our career, family, and social lives which has resulted in a rewarding aspect of Rotary that I honestly didn’t expect.”

Chris Boessenecker

“Being a member of the Sacramento Rotary Club, especially as a young professional, has enabled me to learn about many different local professional industries, local business trends, and information about the many opportunities to help our local communities. More importantly, being a Rotarian enabled me to challenge myself.

“Each week, I have had the opportunity to sit with different members of the club and learn more about their professional and personal lives. Throughout my time here, I have noticed one common denominator amongst my fellow Rotarians – the desire to make our local communities and the world a better place. Each week I am inspired by the rich history of our Rotary Club and the future endeavors being proposed. Many non-Rotarians who are interested in joining always ask me to “Describe what Rotary is like, besides what you see on the website.” I happily tell them to imagine an organization, an organization with likeminded professionals who have the passion to make a difference in their local communities and the world – and never want to take credit for it. This is why I joined Rotary. It is an honor to be part of an organization exemplifying a culture of kindness based on generosity and service above self. It is also a great feeling to be inspired each week with the speakers who present at our Rotary Club meetings expanding our knowledge of the ever-changing Sacramento Region and often times, the world. Being a Rotarian has truly been a rewarding and inspiring experience.”

Gerry Dabi