A day of music, celebration and fun! Daughter’s Day organizer Alice Sauro (Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera) introduced President for the Day Carleigh Osen (Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies); daughter of Rick Osen (Sutter Builders, Inc.) and granddaughter of Dick Osen. President Carleigh introduced and thanked our Greeters Bella Solis, Eden Wild and Cara McIntyre; and Sergeants-at-Arms Bella Solis and Libby Pavelchick; Margaret Teichert (Berkshire Hathaway); daughter of Fred (Teichert Foundation) and Nancy Teichert, share a poem she wrote for her daughter encouraging her to “Live Happy, Be Strong.”


Bella Solis, daughter of Eric Solis and Libby Pavelchick, daughter of Roy Alexander helped President Carleigh identify the youngest daughter/granddaughter in attendance (7 months old); the daughter/granddaughter who has attended the most Daughters’ Days (45 years straight!) and the daughter/granddaughter who traveled the furthest to attend (400 miles).


President Carleigh fined her dad Rick for leaving one single cracker in the box and fined her grandpa Dick for his support proofreading her case brief for a Law class she took. Past President Brian Van Camp (Van Camp ADR) donated $1000 on December 3, in recognition of his anniversary of 40 years of membership in our Club. The Salvation Army received a generous check from the Rotary Club of Sacramento – Toy Drive $755. Thank you to all who contributed!


Eden Wild, granddaughter of Ivan Wild (The Salvation Army) recognized and thanked Sarah Son, Caitlyn Ohler and Benjamin Jiang, a string trio from the Sacramento Youth Symphony, who performed for the group. Hanna Kaganovich, granddaughter of Fred and Nancy Teichert,  as well as she is the granddaughter of Lev Kaganovich. performed Christmastime by Vince Guaraldi on the piano. Rotary’s own The Four-Way Test, aka the Rotary Rockers, John McIntyre (Mercy Foundation), Kevin Williams (KVIE Public Television), Kevin Smith-Fagan (KVIE Public Television) and Dick Osen serenaded us with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Winter Wonderland and Jingle Bells.


Eden then welcomed a group of special guests from Sacramento State University – Vocal Professor Robin Smith and her three students Katie Thorpe, Galina Orlova and Jake Michael to perform. Robin’s son Sterling Cozza accompanied each singer on piano. Robin was the recipient of a Rotary International Foundation grant while she was studying abroad and expressed her deep gratitude for the good that Rotary does for people around the globe. Robin earned her master’s degree and even met her future husband while studying music in Vienna thanks to Rotary.


President Carleigh invited all of the children in attendance to the front to enjoy a reading of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas by Nikki Wardlaw (College Track)


Finally, Isabelle Jackson and Claire Jackson, granddaughters of Jim Leet (Boutin Jones Inc.), served sweet treats donated by the Candy Barrel in Old Sacramento.