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District Governor Attends RCOS Meeting to Declare “Go, Meet, Do!“
President Todd Koolakian gaveled the meeting into action at 12:10 PM, to the strains of “Start Me Up“ by the Rolling Stones. He began by thanking the greeters: Sharna Braucks (President/CEO, YMCA of Superior California), Craig Brown (retired/CB Property Inspections), and Dan Cole (Cole Partners), Pulse Reporter John McIntyre (retired/Mercy Foundation), ad hoc meeting photographer Len Simpson (Partner/2020 Financial Advisors of Sacramento), and the estimable pourers of wine at the pre-meeting wine reception, Dan McVeigh (retired/Downey Brand) and Virginia Wade (retired/SAFE Credit Union).
Jim Henderson (Attorney/Messing Adam & Jasmine) provided the Thought for the Day calling upon us to reflect on what it means to be a good Rotarian. It’s more than the Paul Harrises and the Eddie Mulligans — it centers on the 4-Way Test, yet he wondered how well we recall these from day to day. He then playfully suggested that we occasionally walk past the banner to remind ourselves, before heading to the wine bar…
Sgt. at Arms Paul Keefer introduced guests at today’s meeting:
  • Visiting Rotarian Mary Johnson (Folsom Lake Rotary) guest of Clayton Lee
  • Visiting Rotarians David and Kathy Clemens (Roseville Rotary)
  • Visiting Rotarian Maria Mengotti (East Sacramento Rotary)
President Todd introduced the Head Table joining him on the dais:
  • Meeting Sponsor Susan Sheridan (retired/Sheridan Law Corporation)
  • District Governor Sidney Smith (Elk Grove Rotary)
  • Kathy Clemens (Assistant District Governor)
President Todd then remarked how pleased he was to be inducting two members at today’s meeting, as he called forward first attorney Moira Doherty, who was introduced by Mik Miklaus, and then commercial banker Harold Bellamy of First Northern Bank, who was introduced by David Brandenburger. After reading each in and providing their Rotary pins, each was welcomed to the club with a standing ovation. Let’s all make sure we welcome and connect with these excellent new members!
Club Announcements:
Susan Sheridan took to the microphone with two purposes. First, to acknowledge our friend and fellow Rotarian Sarah Hodge who completed her last round of chemotherapy this week. She marveled that Sarah postponed her surgery so that she could participate fully in volunteering for the Sac Century event — now that’s how to be an awesome Rotarian! Susan then switched hats (actually shirts…), to give a Sac Century update, which occurs on Saturday, September 30 and starts and finishes at Capitol Mall. Susan noted that the Sac Century was featured in the current Rotarian magazine (pg. 57).
Thus far, the Challenge Champions have raised more than $23,000 and we are again planning for 1,000 or more riders. Every RCOS member has a role to play — Susan and Käthe Nathan are coordinating volunteers. Please sign up to help for the Club’s largest fundraiser of the year — we need you! Sign up here.
Mik Miklaus reminded all that Rotary Fireside occurs this Thursday at President Todd’s home and that there are two available seats — check in with Mik , if interested!
Let’s Go Skiing:
  • Bob Miller announced with sadness the passing of his father-in-law. Bob put $100 in toward his next Paul Harris in his father-in-law’s honor.
  • Sarah Hodge thanked the club, and especially “Team Sarah” for all the love and support she has received and put $100 toward her Eddie Mulligan.
  • Walter Dahl is just back from Virginia Beach, VA, visiting his new grandson (and daughter and son-in-law) and is celebrating with $50 toward his next Eddie Mulligan.
  • Susan Sheridan acknowledged Sarah Hodge for her courage, resilience, and for being a remarkable Rotarian and put $100 to be split between Sarah’s next Paul Harris and Eddie Mulligan.
  • President Todd closed the skiing with $100 in honor of the recent Broadway Sacramento event, where he’s a member of the board.
Speaker Introduction:
Asst. DG Kathy Clemens introduced DG Sidney Smith. She marked his Communications degree from Cal State Northridge, his background in Communications, as a high school football coach, and as a minister and noted that his first day as a minister occurred on 9/11/01. She also highlighted that he is a devotee of Israeli martial art Krav Maga, and that he’s a proud father and grandfather who has been a Rotarian since 2002.
Speaker: District Governor Sidney Smith
DG Smith thanked us for being there, saying self-deprecatingly that he could only imagine how excited we must be to hearing from the District Governor. He grew up in LA with a dad who was in law enforcement and he learned about “Service Above Self” from his parents.
His theme was “The Power of the Second Question. He cited as an example his visit to the 9/11 grounds in New York, where he and others were distracted by a woman “in a box,” screaming that she was hungry. He offered her his sandwich and, rather than taking it, she first asked “What kind?” Rather than assume she was ungrateful, DG Smith asked why and learned it was because she’s allergic to eggs and couldn’t eat a sandwich with mayo on it — she wasn’t being rude or ungrateful. This turned around their whole exchange.
Why are we Rotarians? What do we mean to other people? DG Smith suggests that we can’t be good Rotarians exclusively by showing up at weekly meetings — we should collaborate, vacation together, hang out, and be there to celebrate great things and commiserate about not-so-great things. We need to do more to keep our club(s) vital and thriving.
As a communicator, DG Smith felt it was important to reimagine the District newsletter, which is now recast as video entitled “Go Meet Do.” He showed a recent, and very pithy, iteration (LINK HERE). To share your own Rotary-relevant video, or to suggest topics for future coverage send to:
DG Smith concluded his well-received presentation with a surprise, presenting the District’s “Creating Hope Award” to Susan Sheridan for her leadership in so many areas of Rotary. The assembly offered her a well-deserved standing ovation.
President Todd thanked DG Smith for his presentation and turned to Sgt. at Arms Paul Keefer to offer an update regarding our next meeting. Paul shared that we will again meet here next week, same time, same location, where our featured presenter will be Cathy Rodriguez-Aguirre, President and CEO of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. President Todd gaveled the meeting to a close at 1:31pm.


Photos Courtesy of Len Simpson