Lev Kaganovich used the Thought of the Day as an introduction to our annual Foundation Day, celebrating all our members have given to improve the lives of so many. “It’s up to us to be part of it,” he said.

Gary Bazlen, a foundation trustee, announced that our members had donated and fundraised more than $300,000 to give to our local community. Much of that was raised by the Sac Century bicycle ride and Golf 4 Kids.

Giving back $309,439 in 2022-2023

Foundation trustees include: Larry Gilzean, Sarah Hodge, Steve Johanson, Lev Kaganovich, Matt Page, Surendar Singal and Ed Wright. Foundation officers include president Roy Alexander, vice president Gary Bazlen, treasurer April Javist and secretary Virginia Wade.

April Javist reported on the foundation’s annual financial report. “Most of our money goes to the local community,” she said. The Sacramento Century bike ride raised $101,829 and Golf 4 Kids raised $39,000.

Sarah Hodge urged members to become part of the Legacy Circle and make financial commitments through their estate plans.

Maggie Hopkins reported on how international Rotary projects are carefully managed, with a comprehensive vetting process to ensure reliable partners on international projects. Often, that partner is our club itself.

Our District 5180 reached a milestone this year when every single club contributed to a recent WASH grant in Honduras. That feat was accomplished by our International Service Committee fundraising team of Clayton Lee, John Phair, Roy Alexander, Jamie Furlong and Bob Rosenberg.

Our Rotary district, District 5180, has made history by being recognized as the inaugural Super WASH District for all our international clean water projects around the world.

Cover of 2022-2023 annual report

Maggie Hopkins noted that project partners include groups like World Vision, key in overseeing land acquisition, needs assessments, engineering and communication and training. World Vision has committed to match 100 percent of all the money for Rotary Foundation’s international work. Our club allocated $87,000 for international projects improving the lives of more than 115,000 people. Those projects include chronic health care work in Nicaragua; maternal and infant health in Pakistan, and food to fight severe malnutrition in Kenya.

Our club has helped finance four international WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) projects that improve the water infrastructure in communities, making a particular impact on women and girls. Those projects were in Honduras, Zambia, Guatemala and Uganda.

Eric Solis promoted the club’s Youth Incentive Program (YIP), which matches students with mentors and provides scholarships.

Roy Alexander announced members who had made substantial contributions to the international Foundation’s work and our local programs.

Club Announcements:

  • Daughters Day – Roy Alexander asked for more daughters and granddaughters to volunteer or Daughters Day on Dec. 19.
  • Fireside – Mik Miklaus said openings to attend the Fireside at the home of PP President Fred and Nancy Teichert were filling up.
  • Salvation Army – John Swentowsky needs more bell ringers for the Salvation Army on Dec. 8th
  • Loaves and Fishes – Virginia Wade appealed for volunteers at Loaves and Fishes on Thursday.

There were a lot of skiers! Gary Bazlen donated in honor of his daughter giving birth and also his son’s family gaining a grandson. In the spirit of Foundation Day, Jamie Furlong completed her Eddie Mulligan, as did Sharna Braucks and Kerry Wood. Elke von Schlosser donated in honor of her mother’s visit for Thanksgiving – and her mother then donated $2,000 in gratitude. President Todd Koolakian was grateful for good medical news for Barbara Clegg and Sarah Hodge.

Greeting members who drove on streets filled with fall’s yellow and red leaves were Harold Bellamy, Robyn DeLong, Megan Masten and Kathe Nathan. John Swentowsky started snapping pictures at the door. Wine sponsor Norm Marshall wrestled to lift a magnum of zinfandel for the wine reception.

Smiling man pouring wine

To view the 2022-23 Annual Report click here.
Photos courtesy of John Swentowsky.