Jean Runyon Award to be Announced

The late  Jean Runyon not only was one of our region’s foremost business and civic leaders but also, in September of 1987, she became the first woman to join the Rotary Club of Sacramento. In remembrance of Jean’s trail-blazing spirit and her commitment to championing women in business, we recognize one of our members annually with the coveted Jean Runyon Community Service Award. This year’s honoree will be revealed and honored at next Tuesday’s weekly meeting (noon at the Annunciation Greek Church). And our special guest speaker will be Christine Hunter, author of “WE CAN DO THIS! Sacramento’s Trailblazing Political Women and the Community They Shaped.” You won’t want to miss this very special meeting, so be sure to make your reservation as soon as you receive the invitation email.
BREAKING NEWS: Nagle to Speak May 2nd
Sacramento Republic owner Kevin Nagle has just been confirmed as our May 2nd speaker. Nagle is also part-owner of the Sacramento Kings and Recently purchased the Huddersfield Township football club in England. More details to follow, but get it on your calendar now and keep an eye out for the email announcement. Space is sure to be limited.
People of Action Day a Success
All across the country, Rotarians came together on Saturday, April 15th, for a day of community service and fellowship. Rotary Club of Sacramento members worked on three People of Action Day projects. Click here for details and photos of our hard-working volunteers.
Recap of the Meeting of April 18th
Reported by John McIntyre
News About the News Landscape
Welcome/Gavel In
President LINDA GEERY (CFO/California Lawyers Association) opened the meeting, playing to the home crowd with a salute to the Sacramento Kings and their 2-0 playoff series lead against the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors.
Thank Yous
President LINDA thanked the meeting’s greeters JOHN PHAIR (Retired), TIM MATTHEIS (Principal Architect/WMB Architects), and KEVIN SMITH-FAGAN (Executive Director/Fairytale Town), as well as Pulse Reporter JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer/Mercy Foundation) and meeting photographer JOHN SWENTOWSKY (Swentowsky Photography).
Thought for the Day
MARY DELEO (Shareholder/Weintraub Tobin) provided a reflection, starting with a quote from author L.A. Villafane: “The simple act of listening to someone and making them feel as if they have truly been heard is a most treasured gift.” Mary noted that there is an awful lot of noise keeping us from truly hearing one another. She encouraged each of us to listen to others, more for understanding, and not necessarily agreement. In so doing, she hopes we can reduce the volume through our gift of listening to understand.
Pledge of Allegiance
President LINDA led the club in saluting the flag and our country.
Introduction of Visitors
Sgt.-at-Arms KATHE NATHAN  (Retired/Merchants Bank of Commerce) rose to introduce guests:
  • Markquis Simmons, prospective member invited by DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director/Newmark Knight Frank)
  • Bradley Schmidt, Northern California PET Imaging Center, guest of RUTH TESAR (Retired CEO/Northern California PET Imaging Center)
  • Scott Rose of RSE, prospective member invited by APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director/Sacramento Literacy Foundation)
  • Rachel Minyard, Purpose, prospective member invited by MAGGIE HOPKINS (Loan Officer-Realtor/Capital Premier Lending & Realty)
  • Shane Heskett, Caltronics Business Systems, prospective member.
Head Table
President LINDA announced those who graced the dais today:
  • JAMIE FURLONG (Managing Partner/Legacy Investment Real Estate), guest of Meeting Sponsor John Wood (Principal/McGee & Thielen Insurance Brokers, Inc.)
  • President LINDA
  • Jun Reina (General Manager, Capital Public Radio), guest speaker
  • BOB ROSENBERG (CEO/Inve$tnet, Inc.), Chair of the Day
Meeting Sponsor
Meeting Sponsor JOHN WOOD gave his time slot to JAMIE FURLONG, who suggested that rental property ownership could be a tiring distraction, but that for those who are interested in passive real estate-investor opportunities, working with someone like her might be a consideration. She is a registered Securities & Exchange Commission advisor. In that role, she offers the opportunity to invest and take advantage of 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRAs and other investment options by working with Legacy Investment Real Estate. For more information, contact Jamie.
Rotarian Spotlight
Past President DIANE WOODRUFF (Retired Chancellor/California Community Colleges) offered this week’s Spotlight. She told members that…
JIM HENDERSON (Attorney/Messing Adam & Jasmine) has been a member of our club for two years. Jim grew up in Marin County, graduated from UC Davis, and then went on to get a law degree from Stanford. He is an attorney who focuses on employment law. Jim plans to retire soon, to the disappointment of his wife who has a good sense of humor. She defines retirement as, ‘Twice the husband, half the income.’ I learned so many fun, interesting stories about Jim. For example, Jim was a contestant on ‘Jepardy’and even made it to the final round and answered the final question correctly. Another interesting story: Jim took a class on stand-up comedy a few years ago and even did a five-minute stand-up routine at a bar in downtown Sacramento. Since he plans to retire soon, he is considering a return to stand-up comedy and intends to bill himself as “Sacramento’s Oldest Stand-Up Comedian.” However, he says he has to move on this quickly, while he is still able to do his stand-up act standing up. A fun fact about Jim is that he loves to go to estate and garage sales. Jim describes himself as an ‘impulse buyer’ (he knows it when he sees it) and his house reflects the fact that he gives into his impulses more than he should. Jim told his wife, ‘Honey, I am looking for that item that will get us on Antiques Roadshow.’ His wife responded, ‘Jim, we have a better chance at being on American Hoarders.’
JAMIE FURLONG” has been in our club for five years but, oh what a difference she has made in those five years. I give Jamie credit for her outstanding leadership in starting the Young Professionals organization. We are the envy of all the other clubs in the district because of our outstanding Young Professionals group, which Jamie was instrumental in starting. Jamie currently works as the Owner and Managing Partner of Legacy Investment Real Estate. Jamie has advised hundreds of investors on 1031 real estate exchanges totaling over $60 million dollars. This year she was recognized as the #1 top-producing female at her broker-dealer and has maintained a position in the top 15 since her start. Jamie has received numerous awards for her work, including the Distinguished Service award last year from CalCPA, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants. She is also the Chair of the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Members) group. Jamie has an artistic, creative side as well. She is a co-founder of the Sacramento Valley Flower Collective. Prior to moving to Sacramento, she was a professional florist in New York, and her floral designs have been featured in Architectural Digest, the New York Times, Martha Stewart magazine, and Vogue. There are so many fun stories about Jamie that I had a hard time choosing which one to share. A fun fact about Jamie is that she was a complete surprise to her parents. After Jamie’s sister was born, her dad was about to leave the delivery room, but then the doctor said, ‘Wait! Come back. I think there is another baby in there.’ Seven minutes later, Jamie was born. Her parents did not know they were having twins. Jamie’s twin sister insists that Jamie always acknowledges her as her ‘older’ sister.
BUDDY HUBBERT (President/Mother Lode Capital) has been a Rotarian for 22 years. He was born and raised in Sacramento, graduated from La Sierra High School, and then attended UC Berkeley—and guess who was there with him? Brian Van Camp’s daughter, Meg. What a small world! Currently, Buddy has a fascinating job working with aspiring entrepreneurs. He has been the President of the Entrepreneurship Academy and active in the organization for many years. When I asked him why he liked working with aspiring entrepreneurs, he told me that he had been an entrepreneur himself, having started his own very successful healthcare company, which he sold a few years ago. He said he learned many valuable lessons starting his own company, so he knows what it takes to have an idea and turn it into a reality. He said it is very rewarding to be able to work with people who have a dream and help them turn those dreams into reality. So, see Buddy if you are a budding entrepreneur. Buddy and his wife love sailing and just got back from a catamaran cruise around the British Virgin Islands to celebrate their 35th anniversary. They have also sailed around Antigua and Belize, and plan to sail to around Greece next year. A fun fact about Buddy: After college, he raced for the Squaw Valley ski team. His coach held the world record for speed skiing more than 120 miles per hour. Buddy said he admired his coach’s record, but he never got over 65 miles per hour himself. I can’t even imagine skiing that fast.”


New Members Inducted
President LINDA proudly welcomed two new members. Dr. AMIN ELMALLAH (Retired/California State University) has returned to the club after an absence of several years. He has had an impressive career as a professor and dean in the California State University system. He was sponsored into the club by TED WHITE (President/Sacramento Delta Property Management) and Past President THOM GILBERT (Retired/Gilbert Associates). Also welcomed into the club was Peter Coyl (CEO & Library Director/Sacramento Public Library), whose announcement elicited a joyful response from APRIL JAVIST and her guest, Scott Rose. Besides his leadership of the library, Peter is also active in the Rainbow Chamber. He was sponsored into the club by KERRY  WOOD (CEO/Sacramento Region Community Foundation) and GIULIANO KORNBERG (Executive Director/Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera).
Club Announcements
  • President LINDA announced that the California Future Business Leaders of America—a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping high school students prepare for careers in the business world—needs volunteers to judge the state competition next week at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center. Students from across the state will be competing on April 27th, 28th, and 29th, for the chance to represent California in the national contest this summer in Atlanta. Volunteer judges are needed to help evaluate students’ presentations, role-play events, and speeches. Areas of focus include marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, technology, social media, and hospitality. If you would be interested in volunteering, you can click here to get more information or sign up.
  • President-Elect Nominee BOBBY REED (CEO/Capitol Tech Solutions) noted that we still need a few golfers for the Golf4Kids event on May 12th at Land Park. There are also a few sponsorships left, and he reminded all that golfers and non-golfers alike are invited to the post-golf dinner at Fairytale Town. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up now by clicking here.
  • CLAYTON LEE (C.K.L. Trust) thanked club members for their pivotal role in securing a $400,000 grant through Rotary International for a clean water project in Central America. The grant will be matched by World Vision and will produce a sustainable water system that will serve thousands in rural Honduras. Clayton and several others will shortly be off to Honduras to visit the project site. He also said our International Service Committee is already working on another water initiative.
  • JIM CULLETON (President/Strong & Associates) and APRIL JAVIST shared the mic to announce that the dictionaries we annually provide to third graders in underserved schools have arrived and been delivered to the schools. Now we need Rotarians to distribute those dictionaries, which, according to Jim is “pound for pound, the best thing Rotary does.” Please email Jim know if you can participate!
You’re A Gem for Giving
  • CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (President & CEO/Volunteers of America) shared that this year will be her first time to lead VOA’s “Shelter from the Storm” event, on April 27th at Northridge Country Club. She invited interested Rotarians to attend the free event and put $100 toward her next Paul Harris Fellowship. Those interested in attending can contact Christy by clicking here.
Guest Speaker
Chair of the Day BOB ROSENBERG introduced Jun Reina, General Manager of Capital Public Radio, noting that under Jun’s leadership, the multi-station organization had grown from 40 to more than 120 employees, and increased its reach from seven stations to its current 13, a period of unprecedented growth for the organization.
Mr. Reina began his comments by reflecting on the values of Rotary, noting he’d been a Rotarian in the Philippines, and that his father had been a Rotarian before him. He dubbed himself a “recovering Rotarian.” (Sounds like a recruitment opportunity!) He also shared that he gave up his long-held Kings season tickets last year. Even so, he said, he’s delighted at how the Sacramento area is joyfully releasing pent-up energy.
Like the Kings, Capital Public Radio (CapRadio) is casting a wider net and building broader enthusiasm. CapRadio now reaches all of Northern California. It is also nearing completion of a “signal swap” with another broadcaster that has taken 15 years to achieve. He said it should occur on or about May 29th and will greatly improve signal quality for CapRadio’s music station.
Mr. Reina offered data about how the public consumption of media is changing. Traditional media is waning while digital media is waxing. One result is that fewer homes have radios in them, as we increasingly rely on our phones and smart speakers to access content. Thus, mobile/digital is increasingly vital to the future of public radio broadly and CapRadio specifically.
National Public Radio has 34 million listeners (across all platforms) yet only 3.1 million supporting members (CapRadio has 450,000 listeners and 40,000 members).
CapRadio’s priorities are to provide short-form videos, “facts, not hysteria,” fun and entertainment, and “co-opetition” (healthy, cooperative competition such as the working relationship between Bay Area station KQED and CapRadio). It is to support and animate these priorities that CapRadio has moved to a new, purpose-built space downtown—with the aim, also, of making them relevant to younger audiences.
In response to questions, Mr. Reina confessed that CapRadio hasn’t dabbled in Artificial Intelligence beyond delivering their content via smart speakers.
President LINDA thanked Mr. Reina for his comments and shared that, in honor of his presentation, 100 children will receive the polio vaccine in accordance with Rotary’s effort to end polio worldwide.
Finishing Up
President LINDA invited Sergeant-At-Arms KATHE to update members on our next meeting. It will be at the same location, same time, and will feature author Christine Hunter and the presentation of the prestigious Jean Runyon Award. Past President WALTER DAHL (Partner/Dahl Law) provided a Smile for the Day as the meeting concluded.
(Snapshots from Tuesday’s meeting, courtesy of John Swentowsky)