Rotary Meeting: July 6, 2021
Last Tuesday’s meeting started off with a mysterious greeting and wine & beer service by the Rotary Secret Service [BOB DALY (Financial Advisor at Financial Network Wealth Advisors), DAN FENOCCHIO (President at Cunningham Engineering, SARAH HODGE (Director of Development at CSU Sacramento), MAGGIE HOPKINS (Loan Officer at Capital Premier Lending ang Premier Realty), JIM CULLETON (President at Strong & Associates)].
We were also delighted by some uplifting tunes in a performance by the world-renowned Rotary Rockers back in Sacramento from their recent tour at Golf 4 Kids. CLICK HERE to see their performance.
Sergeant-at-Arms GIULIANO KORNBERG (Development Manager of Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera) welcomed Club members. Introduced were our 2021-2022 Board of Directors: PRESIDENT BOB MILLER (Business Services Manager of First US Community Credit Union), LINDA GEERY (President Elect – Shareholder/Gilbert CPAs), MARK LUHDORFF (Treasurer) (Chief Financial Officer / Reviver), LATOYA WONG (Secretary), DAVID BRANDENBURGER (Managing Director at Newmark Knight Frank); PAUL KEEFER (Executive Director of Pacific Charter Institute); ANN SOLOMON  (Regional Director for Western North America / University of Auckland); THERESA WHEELER (Owner of Prevail Public Affairs), GERRY DABI; CHRISTIE HOLDEREGGER (Chief Development Officer of Volunteers of America); JOHN MCINTYRE (Chief Philanthropy Officer at Mercy Foundation); BOBBY REED (CEO of Capitol Tech Solutions), and KERRY WOOD (Chief Marketing & Donor Engagement Officer / Sacramento Region Community Foundation) . An introduction was also made for the 2021-2022 Foundation Trustees: BOB DALY (Foundation President); STEVE JOHANSON (Foundation Vice-President); MIKE GILLIGAN (Treasurer); JAMIE FURLONG (Secretary); LARRY GILZEAN (President / Spare Time Sports Clubs); VIRGINIA WADE; TED WHITE (President of Sacramento Delta Property Management); APRIL JAVIST (Executive Director of Sacramento Literacy Foundation); LEV KAGANOVICH (Consultant at Energy, LEED & Commissioning Consulting); ROY ALEXANDER (Retiree of Sacramento Children’s Home); SARAH HODGE (Director of Development / California State University, Sacramento); and NICOLE WILHELM (Co-Founder of The Wilhelm Team at Compass). A big thank you was given to visiting Rotarian and photographer for the day MIKE BULLINGTON and to DANIELLE MCGARRITY (Development Director / Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento)​​​​​​​ for Pulse Reporting. On top of that, we were excited that prospective members Christin and Jenny Winstead were joining us. After all the introductions were made The Rotary Secret Service then escorted PRESIDENT BOB MILLER into the hall to the sound of a thunderous applause.
Watch a clip of the Rotary Secret Service Escorting BOB by CLICKING HERE.
JOHN MCINTYRE celebrated BOB’s German heritage by translating his thought for the day into German. JOHN recognized BOB’s commitment to service above self, his competitive spirit, and his unique talents – BOB is an absolute schmuckstück (jewel) of the Club! JOHN’s thought for the day was as follows:
“Welcome to the first meeting of the new Rotary year. Thank you for your commitment to Rotary and service to it. It’s an honor for me to be here to offer today’s thought for the day as we reflect on the past. First let me thank PAST-PRESIDENT KEVIN for his leadership. KEVIN your leadership allowed us to remain a strong committed organization that continues to do good works in our region and in the world. You set a high standard for PRESIDENT BOB. As you likely all know, BOB is a competitor. He knows how to lead from the front, take on the tough issues, live by the four-way-test. He’s proud of his German heritage, including supporting his beloved Mainz soccer team, mint Germany, the Mainz way, Mainz forever. BOB is a fan of all things Germanic and certainly knows the that, in German, the name for jewel is “Schmuckstuck.” So on everyone’s behalf allow me to conclude my reflection by offering my best wishes to our one and only Schmuchstuck of a president, BOB MILLER!”
To watch JOHN MCINTYRE deliver his reflection in both German and English, CLICK HERE.
Due to concerns raised in the initial and expanded Rotary background reviews, GIULIANO shared that he consulted law enforcement contacts, community references, and character witnesses to ensure that the Rotary Club of Sacramento would be in good hands for the year ahead. After a few incidents of hopefully mistaken identity, we were assured that *our* BOB MILLER is A-OK for service – he even received a vote of confidence from MAYOR DARRELL STEINBERG.
To watch the thorough investigation conducted on PRESIDENT BOB MILLER CLICK HERE.
The Rotary chamber waited in quiet nervous anticipation. These fears were resolved when PRESIDENT KEVIN came to the podium to bestow the RCOS Presidential Pin upon PRESIDENT-ELECT BOB and gratefully accepted his Past President pin. GIULIANO officially introduced our 2021-2022 PRESIDENT BOB D. MILLER!
Watch a video clip of the inauguration by CLICKING HERE
PRESIDENT BOB expressed his gratitude to PAST PRESIDENT KEVIN for helping to prepare him for the role and for his impressive leadership during the last year, his gratitude to the 2021-2022 Board of Directors and Committee members, and to LATOYA WONG, SULAF AL AJEELI (Member Service Coordinator) and BARBARA CLEGG for their indispensable work keeping the Club’s wheels moving. He thanked his wife for supporting him in taking on ambitious role and TODD ANDREWS (Andrews Construction) for first inviting him to Rotary.
BOB deemed the year ahead our “Year of Recovery” and shared his goals: re-engage current Club members; recruit new membership; learn from some of our region’s top experts as our weekly speakers and of course to Have Fun! He encouraged us all to ponder two questions as we embrace the year ahead and the many opportunities it presents:
  1. Why did I join Rotary?
  2. Why have I stayed involved?
The Rotary Secret Service escorted BOB out of the chamber as Club members enjoyed some German Chocolate cake!
If you didn’t make it to the July 6th meeting, don’t fret! We have a recording of it for you to watch HERE.
Not only that, but there’s still a chance to make it to the next one!
On July 13, 2021, from 12:10 PM – 1:30 PM, we will be meeting at The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  Our guest speaker will be CARRIE ELLINWOOD, the Deputy District Director at US Small Business Administration. CARRIE graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She has been a Lead Lender Relations Specialist for almost 14 years. Carrie will share her years of experience as our speaker of the day!
Upcoming Rotary Club Meetings at a Glance:
  • 7/13 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 – 1:30 PM
Speaker: Carrie Ellinwood- U.S. Small Business Administration
  • 7/20 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 – 1:30 PM
Speaker: Starr Hurley – Olympics
  • 7/27 – The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church 12:10 – 1:30 PM
Speaker: Jot Condie-CA Restaurant Association