Rotary Club of Sacramento Membership Levels


Membership Requirement:Individual Membership
Initiation Fee:One-time
Dues:Includes weekly luncheons, Networking Nights and Firesides.
Transferring / Reinstating Members:Reduced Initiation Fee of $100

Young Professionals

Membership Requirement:Individual Membership (Age 40 and under)
Initiation Fee:One-time
Dues:Dues do not include weekly luncheons, Networking Nights and Firesides.

Corporate/Non Profit

Membership Requirement:Includes 2 to 3 members (minimum of 2). Nonprofit may replace members upon request.
Initiation Fee:One-time
Dues:Dues include prepayment of 20 weekly luncheons.  All other events are billed separately; ei. Networking Nights, Firesides or other events.

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